On the Set: Office Perverts 7 (Reality Junkies)

This article originally ran in the August 2011 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

LOS ANGELES—It was the dead of winter in Los Angeles, as we slogged through the snow and freezing cold to Central City Studios in downtown … Nah, just kidding. If anything, those on the set of Reality Junkies’ Office Perverts 7 were sweating under the hot lights and looking to open some of the converted warehouse's doors and windows for a little welcome ventilation.

But the heat just made it that much easier for stars Allie Haze, Kagney Linn Karter and Marie McCray to pose for their “pretty girl” shots before beginning their scenes—as did fresh-faced Floridian Blake Rose before getting it on with “officemate” Tommy Gunn.

“They’ll be in side-by-side cubicles,” explained director Bobby Manila, “where Tommy’s going to be a braggart on the phone, trying to be a little bit of a show-off, letting Blake hear his little stories on the phone, and from there, she’s going to be like, ‘Oh, you’re such a nice, sweet guy,’ because he’s pretending like he’s going to be helping out kids, puppies, volunteering at the orphanage, and this and that. Next thing you know, they’re fucking on the desk.”

Indeed, we can’t add much to that ... except to say that busty blonde Blake conveys just the right amount of innocence and credulity when eavesdropping on Tommy’s lies, and more than enough heat as she lets him take her missionarily on his desk, bends her over doggie style, then lies back as she climbs on top to ride him cowgirl style, moaning deliciously throughout.

“The second scene we have is Allie Haze and Evan Stone,” Manila said before the second coupling we were allowed to witness commenced. “The corporation is making some downsizing moves, corporate cuts, and we’re going to have one extra guy who’s going to be walking out at the beginning of the scene, holding his box of office stuff, who’s been fired, and telling Evan that there’s a bunch of cuts going on, and he might be next. Fast-forward, we have Allie Haze coming in, who’s the daughter of the CEO, and she and Evan start talking, and basically, he’s trying to protect his job, and since he knows he’s about to get fired, he has sex with Allie Haze—but at the end of the scene, he’s actually not going to get fired, so it’s like he got a free fuck.”

Again, the simple description understates the major heat of the scene. Sure, Evan’s nervous when Allie waltzes in and starts looking over his shoulder, but once he’s got her on the desk, licking her pussy by the fax machine, award-winning performer Allie just lets her sexuality take over, fucking the broad-shouldered Stone in just about every position, including laying him over his stack of papers and climbing on top for a hot cowgirl ride.

“Our scripts are pretty simple,” Manila admitted, “but they take us where we need to go, and from all the fan mail we’ve been getting about this series, I guess we’re doing something right.”

Viewers will get a chance to see if Manila’s assessment is accurate when Office Perverts 7 hits store shelves and retail websites on Aug. 10.