On the Set of Vouyer Media’s Taxi: A Hardcore Parody

Parody seems to be where the money is in adult these days, so naturally, it’s parodies to which the A-list talent is being attracted—and Vouyer Productions’ send-up of the hit late ’70s/early ’80s sitcom Taxi has A-listers by the barrelful.

Begin with the old, wise Judd Hirsch character, here mimicked by the old, wise Evan Stone. And who could play better off of this talented comedian than a guy who’s actually been a comedian: Ron Jeremy, as Danny DeVito’s infamous Louie DePalma character?

Sadly for porn, the original series’ cast was male-heavy, so look for Anthony Rosano as Tony Danza’s would-be boxer Tony Banta; Jack Lawrence as Jeff Conaway’s would-be actor Bobby Wheeler; and Mick Blue as Andy Kaufman’s culturally challenged Latka Gravas, whom director Anton Slayer described as “very, very funny because he barely speaks any English to begin with, so it was a perfect fit.”

And for those who wonder what adult video crewpeople look like, check out master lighting engineer and key grip John Frady essaying the (non-sex) role of Rev. Jim Ignatowski, ably performed on TV by Christopher Lloyd.

But Slayer’s (and Taxi’s) real coup comes with the casting of Marilu Henner’s Elaine Nardo character: Kirsten Price, on loan from Wicked.

“You might ask yourself, how did a company like Wicked Pictures allow such a thing to happen?” Slayer asked rhetorically. “And I say it’s because we at Vouyer have such a good working relationship with Wicked, and it’s a beautiful thing.” (Wicked also distributes Vouyer’s movies.)

The script, which Slayer wrote with Melissa Monet, puts its characters in scenes that will seem all too familiar to fans of the TV series. For instance, one set-up has the darkly sardonic Ron renting a hooker (Jenny Hendrix) for Mick’s Latka, since he’s never been laid before, while Jack wakes up at the wheel of his parked cab to find dominatrix Eva Angelina in the back seat, waiting for him to take her to a local sex club.

But the scene we were privileged to watch being shot featured Anthony’s Tony Banta training for an upcoming title bout by getting in a little horizontal exercise with girlfriend Vicki, played by Monique Alexander.

The scene is a locker room, where Monique’s job is to boost Anthony’s confidence for the fight. To that end, she reclines on the massage table while he licks her pussy before pulling him over her for 69. Once he’s lying down, she camps on his peg in cowgirl and reverse; then he hops off the table to pleasure her in sidesaddle and doggie, after which Slayer allows him to indulge one of his favorite positions: Monique “massaging” his cock with the soles of her feet. More sidesaddle follows before Anthony cums on her ass—and it’s all shot in one take with no breaks, even for extra lube!

Vouyer Media’s Taxi will be released by Vouyer Productions in late June.

This article originally ran in the June issue of AVN.