On the Set of Penthouse's 'You, Me, Them'

LOS ANGELES - Love was in the air on the set of director Roy Karch's latest feature attraction for Penthouse Digital Media appropriately titled You, Me, Them.

In it Ann Marie Rios plays the role of a sexually insatiable housewife whose husband (Marcus London) is addicted to online pornography. Eager to boost up and strengthen their union, they decide to experiment by adding other hot couples into their love life, making this the perfect set up for all of the hardcore sex that is to follow.

Upon entering the hilltop hideaway, Ann Marie is already in position at her bathroom vanity looking like a walking felony wearing a lacey bra and panty set that accentuate her Latin curves. She playfully glides over to Marcus and is angered to once again find him face deep in porn.

"You know this is addiction is ruining our sex life!" she belts out. Eager to please his wife, and because he knows she isn't sexually fulfilled, Marcus agrees to open up their marriage to include other hot couples in the neighborhood. Thrilled to the core Ann Marie climbs on top of him, sinking her tongue down his throat and grinding her hips into his groin with heated anticipation for what's to come. The stage has been set!

Later while sipping her morning coffee, Ann Marie is surprised with a visit from Holly West, a smokin' hot swinger from across the street. After proposing she and Marcus attend a "cozy gathering" at her house that evening the women are drawn to one another like a moth to a flame.

"I like cozy," Ann Marie sighs, grabbing Holly's pretty face in her hands for a kiss. Just as their lips connect Karch calls out, "We need to adjust the light!" Seemingly a bit perturbed at being led to the candy store but told not to touch, Ann Marie takes a deep breath and tries to contain her lust for Holly. "Sex please!" she finally calls out when she sees Holly reach underneath her skirt to adjust the thong panties that have wedged up a little too deep.

Finally after the lights are perfect the girls are at liberty to commence with playing once again. Ann Marie wastes no time and practically dives into Holly, massaging her lips with her tongue and pulling back small bits of the soft skin. "I've wanted to fuck you since the moment you moved in."

Holly sighs, placing her hands on Ann Marie's hips to help position her on the countertop. Hungry for more, Ann Marie wedges her legs open and falls back on her elbows giving Holly an unobstructed view of her silk-lined pussy. Holly sticks out her tongue and licks her way around the panties until the plump contours of Ann Marie's slit are perfectly shown through the wet fabric. "So fucking beautiful," she continues, taking in a deep breath of Ann Marie's musky scent and pulling the panties up until a glorious camel toe is displayed.

Once chill bumps completely cover Ann Marie's caramel-colored frame Holly glides the panties off, leaving them in a wet clump on the floor, before securing her tongue between Ann Marie's wet pussy lips. Ann Marie gathers handfuls of Holly's dark hair with both hands and guides her new friend around her beaver. "Sink your tongue in deeper," Ann Marie requests while swirling Holly's head around her cunt. "Like thish," Holly chugs, with her voice comically being muffled by muff and a delectable cream sauce that has coated her tongue.

Thoroughly enjoying the oral play Ann Marie pulls on her nipples, causing them to pop up like eraser points once her first orgasm of the day has been achieved.

"Do you want to see my big tits?" Holly questions, while untying the back of her halter top. Before an answer can be given, Ann Marie is back on the ground funneling the thick nipples into her mouth and bouncing the juicy tits together to watch them jiggle in place on Holly's chest.

After enough titty play to satiate the most discriminating boob aficionados, the girls regain their spot on the counter in 69 position, each equip with vibrating dildos that have been turned up to turbo twat speed. With unwavering gusto the girls fuck each other hard, flopping around the counter in an effort to chase around multiple orgasms. Once each girl has spilled their load the scene is put to rest.

When Holly leaves Ann Marie's house she is on Cloud-9 and eager to tell Chris Johnson all about the luscious piece of ass she's just fucked. She goes on to remark about the sugary sweet taste of Ann Marie's poon and how tightly squeezed her finger felt when lodged inside her pussy hole.

"Fuck that turns me on," Chris remarks, grabbing Holly's hand to rub the boner that's practically tearing a hole though his pants. Ready for more, Holly falls to her knees and practically rips Chris's cock through the zipper. She takes the hard piece of meat into her mouth and sucks the sides until the head becomes red and plump.

"Your cock is so damn good," she compliments while wrapping her tiny hands around the shaft and tickling his balls with lashes of her little tongue.

"No hands baby," he urges, watching her pretty mouth round out with his rod. After solid cock sucking Chris spreads Holly's legs and wedges his cock deep inside. She giggles and pops as her pussy hole stretches to accommodate for his girth but insists that she's ready to play hard ball.

"Stick it in my asshole!" she urges, rolling over onto all fours to take his pole up her pucker. He sinks into her experienced anus with minimal effort and rides out her ass in several hot positions before using Holly's face as target practice for his cum shot aim. Bulls Eye!

With that my time on set comes to a close. Before I leave however, Karch reminds me of a fabulous scene that has Ann Marie Rios wearing out Tommy Gunn, a hot romp between Nick Manning and Eden Adams that ends in a sticky mess and the three-way extravaganza starring Ryder Skye and Jessica Bangkok that leaves Marcus London the meat in that delicious porno sandwich.

From top to bottom Karch and crew have formulated quite a show that is only made better with the inclusion of strong sexual performances delivered by a winning cast.

Pictured: Jessica Bangkok, Marcus London and Ryder Skye.