On the Set: Nica Noelle's First Hard Candy Release

ENCINO, Calif.—The cool thing about the older parts of the San Fernando Valley is the elegant luxury of the homes that were built in the ’30s and ’40s when this was a rural area. Nica Noelle has chosen one of these mini-mansions, tucked between Ventura Boulevard and the 101, for the latest production for her new Hard Candy Films, A Mother’s Love, featuring Vanilla DeVille, Zoe Voss, Chastity Lynn, Xander Corvus, Evan Stone and Dane Cross.

“It’s the story of a mother who has two grown kids, played by Xander and Zoe,” director/screenwriter Noelle tells me. “Dane plays a friend of theirs who hung around there a lot, and—as they say—complications ensue,” she adds with a laugh.

Noelle is selective with her performers, she tells me. “I use performers who are real people. It makes it easier to tell stories. There’s a new generation of ‘renaissance kids.’

“There isn’t a better actor than Xander. He can play anything. I’ve put him in Victorian collars. Xander is working with Chastity, a cute little blonde who does a kick-ass scene every time. Dane is smart. He’s really into cinema and has that sensitivity and nerdy self-consciousness. Vanilla DeVille is such a find for me, and Zoe is amazing. I use her a lot. She does really intense sex scenes.”

As the bedroom is readied for Corvus and Lynn’s scene, the cast relaxes in the surprisingly intimate high-ceilinged beamed living room, decorated with orange-crate art and a well-weathered Carnation Milk sign. Dane Cross, just back from a trip to Russia, is stretched out asleep on a couch.

Near the makeup area, Vanilla DeVille relaxes in a tall director’s chair, in slacks and a red satin bra. Corvus, walking by, can’t resist and sticks his face into her cleavage, loudly motorboating her as she laughs.

“Look at the boobage on Vanilla DeVille,” declares cameraman Mike Quasar, walking in with a light stand. “I’m impressed by that.”

“You’re impressed by that?” Corvus shoots back, feigning indifference.

“I have to say that this is the most clothing I have worn on a porn set in a long time,” DeVille admits.

“We’re a hot family,” Corvus says to Voss. “You’re my sister, she’s my mom...”

“You do that to your mom?” Voss demands in mock outrage as everybody cracks up.

“Yeah,” Corvus laughs. “I’m in porno.”

A Mothers's Love is now available on AEBN.net. Click here for more information.