On the Set: Mike Ramone's <i>Lord and Master</i>

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — "I like really forceful face fucking, with lots of drool. Don't worry about your makeup," says director Mike Ramone to Moxxie Maddron as I enter the set of Robert Hill Releasing's Mike Ramone's Lord and Master.

The set for today's scene is a dank back alley, complete with an abandoned shopping cart, concrete bricks, a stained mattress, a big metal trash can and two leather clad, spiked, imposing figures in full leather masks, standing around waiting for a piece of Maddron.

And who wouldn't want a taste of the girl. Maddron, sassy and full of personality, is strutting around in her leather bustier and boots, eager to serve herself up.

Her two leather masters have agreed to kill her husband. "I want you to kill my husband; he's such a fucking pussy," she says. But killing isn't their only talent. They slap the shit out of her and spray her with a flurry of saliva, and she eats it up, taking a cock deep in her throat, nearly drowning on her own spit. In between, she thanks them for taking her how she likes it, rough and furious. "You don't know how good it is to be with a real man," she growls.

The second cock comes out, a thick, black beast of a thing, and suddenly, it dawns. That's a strap on. Who's behind that mask?

During a brief break, the masks come off, revealing Master Tom Moore and the lovely, tattooed and mohawked Michelle Aston. Both masters are genuine BDSM players, the real deal. And my respect for them soars today. It's brutally hot, and they have to work with bright lights beating down on them, in full leather gear and masks, and somehow manage to maintain erect cocks and total focus.

Break over; it's back to the action. Maddron is choked by cock, real and silicone, as well as hands. She's forcibly fucked in both pussy and ass, repeatedly and relentlessly, all the while, enduring a steady stream of verbal abuse.

During a particularly enthusiastic round of anal pummeling, Moore says, "Bet you could drive a freight train in that ass now!" During the next break, the first words out of Maddron's mouth are, "Drive a train in there? That's not very nice!"

But Maddron's feeling's aren't hurt. She's a playful little thing. In fact, right in the middle of a grueling d.p., when the camera comes in for a close up of the cocks pistoning in her ass and pussy, she sticks her tongue out and makes funny faces at me.

It all culminates with Maddon stuffed in the trashcan, chain around her neck, come and spit dripping from her face. She sinks from view, blissful in the trash.

Robert Hill Releasing's Mike Ramone's Lord and Master is scheduled for September release.