On The Set: Maya Hills in <i>The Gauntlet 3</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Maya Hills, the Russian-American blonde with the exotic look and leaping libido, is revisiting the title of one of her earliest triumphs, The Gauntlet, the first installment of the series that has become Vouyer Media’s signature line.

The difference is that when Maya entered porn in 2006 her ass was off limits. Now it gapes aplenty, so her Gauntlet comeback is going to be exclusively anal.

“We do change over the years,” says Maya on the Chatsworth soundstage where all her scenes will be shot today, under the direction of company owner Vince Vouyer.

The Gauntlet 3 is a three-disc set, one girl per disc. The other sequences, with Faye Valentine and Crissy Moon, have already been shot.

Each girl has her work cut out for her. Maya’s 9-scene segment consists of 7 boy-girl anals with minimal scenarios, 1 girl-girl anal, climaxed by a 5-man gangbang—anal, of course.

In the studio the Vouyer crew has set up a variety of mini-sets: classroom, office, dungeon, jail cell, hospital room. First up is a bedroom with a TV monitor playing a DVD of Maya’s first Gauntlet.

“It’s like night and day,” she muses as she watches it. Translation: no anal sex.

Director Vouyer, interviewing her from behind his Hi-Def camera, says, “I see a teenager of the screen, and I see a woman over here.”

Big grin from Maya. “I got out of college. I’ve grown a lot, mentally, emotionally. I had just turned 18. It really is a big honor [to come back in Gauntlet 3].”

“You’ve gotten crazier sexually,” Vince says. “You’ve learned new things.”

“It’s a great orgasm!” Maya says, referring to anal sex.

“I’ve got some surprises for you today,” Vince tells her. “I’m anxious to see the new Maya.”

She walks into the adjoining bedroom where the dewy, 19 year-old Valentine, whose Gauntlet 3 segment was the first to be shot, awaits on a bed.

“I can help you warm up,” she says, dildo in hand.

The girls play with and tease each other. Faye’s dildo goes into Maya’s ass, slowly.

“You’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you?” Maya purrs.

“Yes I am.” She holds the dildo in her teeth as it slides into Maya’s anus.

“Feels good,” Maya sighs. Next come big anal beads.

Vouyer wants Faye to fuck her harder with the dildo, but Faye is afraid she’ll hurt her. “I’ve actually done triple anal,” Maya says, “but it was with toys.”

Seeing Faye’s shocked look, Vouyer says, “When I met Maya she was just like you.”

The action is soon hot enough for the director. “Done! Time to break the cocks out!”

The first cock appears in a classroom setting—a desk and a chalkboard, on which is scribbled, “Anal 101, Ms. Hill.” Maya is holding a pointer over her “student,” Anthony Rosano. The teacher’s pissed off. “Who the fuck spelled my name wrong?”

Anthony is only half-hard. Maya fluffs him to bring him up all the way. After some teacher-student banter she has to get him up again. He sits on the desk and she blows him, swallowing his dick.

Fully aroused, he slams into her butt. “Fuckin’ harder!” she yells.  “Keep fuckin’ me!” He pounds really hard and ejaculates in her mouth.

Maya looks into the camera and purrs,  “School’s out.”

Vouyer says to her, on camera, “More to come… How was that first run?”

“It was awesome.” Big grin.

Later Rosano says his somewhat rocky start was due to having an unaccustomed audience—several writers and photographers. “All those people, writin’ shit down,” he says, got him off his game. In the end, though, he acquitted himself admirably.

“It’s not easy,” says a sympathetic Vince, the veteran of many hundreds of porn scenes. “We don’t have easy jobs.”

There are five more scenes to come, each one short and hard.

In a dungeon, a naked Tommy Gunn is cuffed to an X-frame, his dick at half-mast.

“Grab his cock,” Vouyer instructs.

“I was just about to,” Maya replies. She massages it and it zooms to rock-hardness immediately.

She comes in like a dominatrix, caresses her “captive,” then sucks his dick lovingly.

Gunn feels her up, follows her to a bench and buttfucks her with passion, missionary style.

“Don’t stop! Keep going!” Maya yells. That is her constant refrain, to be heard many more times this day before her anal gauntlet is finished.

Vouyer Media is now shipping The Gauntlet 3, with a street date of January 30. For sales and distributor inquiries, call (818) 993-5030.