On the Set: Maddy O'Reilly Is Slutwoman

Maddy O'Reilly is "Slutwoman." Not the first Slutwoman, mind you; Maddy inherits the mantle from such greats as Roxanne Hall (Slutwoman #1), Annette Schwarz (#2) and Kristina Rose (#3), so obviously, she's got a lot to live up to—and from what we saw on the set, Maddy's more than capable.

"It's a look into my daily life, and in my head, so they're just things I would do in reality," Maddy, who co-directed the feature, explained. "So it's me in a bunch of different situations, where I am being the sexual little deviant that I am."

Maddy's popular co-director, MimeFreak, had only good things to say about her in a recent AVN interview.

"What I really figured out about Maddy is that she really likes to be challenged, and this movie was very challenging for her," he said. "Me and [Elegant Angel head] Jim Crawford challenged her. She’s super submissive. We told her we wanted her to be dominant—so she was pushing Rico [Strong] and Wesley [Pipes] around, and those are guys you don’t really push around!"

While we don't doubt that that's true, in the scene we were invited to watch as it unfolded, it was Maddy's submissive side that was more in evidence. But we'll let her explain it.

"Skin [Diamond] and I are really good friends, and she gets the keys to this place and convinces me to sneak in," Maddy explained. "I finally give in, and we go in; I hear something, I get scared, and she gets kind of kidnapped and taken away, and I go to look for her, and Erik [Everhard] decides to make us do whatever he wants."

Well, that's the short version, and frankly, it barely scratches the surface of the scene's heat.

To begin with, it all takes place in a large, seemingly abandoned warehouse. Maddy and Skin are first seen sneaking along the side of the building, until they come to a ramp leading to a massive sliding door. The gals manage to pry it open a little, but it's all dark inside. Skin goes in first, but when Maddy calls to her, there's no answer. Entering the warehouse herself, Maddy spots Skin tied to a chair, with a black-hooded guy standing behind her, ready to torture her with a whip and other props at his disposal. The hooded guy tells Maddy to fool around with Skin, but in short order, the culprit is unmasked as Skin's boyfriend Erik Everhard—and to teach Skin a lesson, Maddy starts to unzip Erik's pants to give him a hot b.j.

Of course, Skin's none too happy with that, and struggles to break free—but once she does, she's so turned on that she helps Maddy work on Erik's weiner. In moments, everyone's undressed, and both Skin and Erik go to work on Maddy, licking and fingering tit, pussy and ass. Soon, Skin is leaning over the chair with Maddy's fingers in her butt, while Erik has his cock in Maddy's pussy—though rear entry is soon to follow.

Frankly, there's so much action in this scene that a blow-by-blow description is impossible, so here are a few highlights: The trio soon moves from the chair to a nearly large black ottoman, and while Maddy leans on it to better suck Erik's cock, Skin has her fingers and mouth on Maddy's butthole. Then it's Erik's turn for pussy, entering Skin sidesaddle while Maddy gets in a few licks and fingers her own butt. Soon, Skin is riding Erik reverse cowgirl style, but this time, his cock is on the other side of the taint, as Maddy holds her hand to Skin's throat. After a few minutes of that action, Skin and Maddy switch off, so it's Maddy with the rear entry and Skin massaging Maddy's tits as she bounces on Erik's cock.

Then the action switches to a large stepladder, and Erik soon sits on one of the steps, grabbing Skin for some more reverse backdoor action while Maddy tongues his balls from below. Tiring of that, Erik stands up, pushes Maddy into position on the ladder, then places Skin on top of her and shoves his cock into her horsie style, after a while pulling out his whip and giving both gals' asses a little "touching up."

Again, the gals switch positions, though this time, as Erik plows her ass, Maddy's licking Skin's pussy, but it's not long before Erik cums in Maddy's mouth, and she passes some of the spew into Skin's.

Also appearing in Maddy O'Reilly Is Slutwoman are Jada Stevens, Phoenix Marie and Derrick Pierce.

Maddy O'Reilly Is Slutwoman is being released today by Elegant Angel Productions.