On the Set: Little Red Rides the Hood 3

Britney Angel may have come over the mountains to star today in Black Market’s Little Red Rides the Hood 3, but she is hardly through the woods.

Angel, in red cloak and skirt, will be performing her first interracial gangbang with big bad wolf Shorty Mac and nine of his pipe-laying dawgs. “I’ve done interracial. And, I’ve done anal,” says Angel, “But, I’ve never done anything like this. This is new to me … but, I’m open to it.”

Angel will remain open for what promises to be a long day. The petite and demure blonde has been in the business for three weeks. “I’ve done 12 scenes,” she announces meekly. “One of them was with four guys and included a D.P. But, I’m a little nervous about this.”

Producer/director Rick Davis, a 20-year industry vet, is sympathetic to Angel. “This girl is new and the gangbang is anal,” he notes. “I don’t know how the day will go. She’s got a lot of dick ahead of her—some serious cannons. But, I’m not going to let the guys go in too deep.”

For the past few days, Angel has prepared herself for the shoot by adhering to a rigorous regiment of sphincter stretching. “I’ve been using butt plugs and all kinds of toys to practice all week long,” she blushes. “I’ve also used some anal cream that’s supposed to numb your asshole.”

Smitten by Angel’s shy soft-spoken nature, Davis could eat the newbie up whole. “She’s so innocent,” he says, licking his chops. “The other girls were nasty, but this one—I’m going to capture her innocence.”

Shooting begins past noon. Angel struts down a residential street with a basket of goodies for her ailing grandma. Male performer Lee Bang crosses her path and offers her a ride to his crib for a game of stick. With Angel in his lair, Bang calls the pack over to break the bitch off something proper.

Angel takes breaks throughout the shoot, but is determined to keep the path. And, although, she is unable to take Shorty Mac’s cock, she manages to accommodate Charlie Mac’s 12” snake.

“She pulled it off,” says Davis, almost in disbelief. “She did the whole gauntlet. She gave me some really great footage.”

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