On the Set: Jonni Darkko Spells Out 'F for Francesca'

HOLLYWOOD HILLS, Calif.—On May 17, Evil Angel is at last releasing Darkko Productions’ ode to AVN Hall of Famer Francesca Lé, titled F for Francesca, and the company is quite high on the project. In a release sent out today, director Jonni Darkko’s opus is described as “a lust letter to one woman whose longevity as porn’s reigning bit-titted slut supreme is cemented by her refusal to rest on laurels of days gone by.”

The seven scenes encompass “anal, interracial double penetrations and must-see-to-be-believed 20-plus-man oral gang-bang bukkake—the kinda stuff that the spoiled sinema starlets won’t do.”

And speaking of seeing and believing, AVN did indeed see Darkko’s epic in the making—in particular its penultimate scene, a four-girl orgy shot in a large window-paned spread overlooking Coldwater Canyon.

And here’s how the scene unfolds:

Francesca’s three lady partners for the scene are Phoenix Marie, Jasmine Jolie and Kelly Divine. And Jonni has brewed up something special for them ... literally: He's prepared a tall pitcher of "stage cum" (hey, there's stage blood, right?) that he's decided he wants them to expel onto one another continuously throughout the scene from their mouths and assholes.

Either Jonni Darkko has gone totally batshit or he's a depraved genius, but either way, we gotta give him this: there's one thing no one will likely be expecting to see in a girl/girl scene.

First things first, though—to start the scene off, Francesca's pubes are to be shaved by the others. Shoving her down onto the white leather couch in the center of the room, they collectively tear off her bikini and lather up her mound with some ready-and-waiting shaving cream. Phoenix handles the actual razor duty while the other two kiss and fondle Francesca, Jonni capturing it all with his lens wedged in ultra-close on the action.

Once the shaving job is complete and clean-up out of the way, Jonni announces, "OK, this is gonna get spicier now."

And the magic cum spewing begins (shooting pauses every few minutes so some more white goo can be spooned into a mouth or turkey-basted into an anus). Darkko is giddy. At one point he looks over his shoulder, beaming with delight, and mouths, "So ... awesome!"

To end things off, he has Francesca, now squatting over Kelly's face, unleash a "tidal wave" of cum from her mouth, down her torso and right into Kelly's own yawning maw.

"Wow!" Jonni exclaims. "That was off the chain! Fuck everything else!"

Ah ha! So that's the vision behind all this ... the movie Jonni Darkko is really making here is F for Fuck Everything Else! Is it too late to change the title?