On the Set: Joanna Angel's <i>Girls, Girls, Girls</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - With a title like Girls, Girls, Girls, you might expect this no-boys-allowed effort from punk porn queen Joanna Angel to take place in a strip club. But no, Joanna's intent in calling it such actually is to pay homage to the hair metal milieu of the ’80s out of which the Mötley Crüe anthem of the same name emerged. And so the setting is a bike shop.

In kind, the girls of Girls are all done up in super-loud, spandex-and-nylon-based gear, with hair accordingly poofed and scrunched. And when we arrive, Joanna is casually chatting with partner in crime James Deen, who's pulling cameraguy duty, about what they should do for the setup of her impending scene with Jenna Haze.

Haze, meanwhile, is taking her pretty girl shots on the bike atop which she and Joanna will soon be making sweet rocker-chick love, and she says to nobody in particular, "I'm not good at being, like, 'arrgh' and 'grrr' … I'm so used to being, like, girly. Aggressive poses don't come natural to me."

She proceeds to strip down to nothing but — per Joanna's instruction — the large belt she's wearing.

"I always like naked with just a belt," Joanna comments. "It's awesome."

Later, while Joanna is shooting her own pretty girls, Jenna asks her, "Do you do a lot of girl/girl?"

"I've done a bunch," Joanna replies. "Not as much as you, though."

"I can do girl/girl in my sleep," Jenna jokingly concurs.

So for the setup, it's decided that Joanna will be a mechanic working on Jenna's bike, and that Jenna has come to check in on her, because she seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time to finish the job.

In appropriate porno fashion, not much effort is expended on presenting any sort of verisimilitude, or even on delivering any explanatory dialogue, for that matter. Nope, they pretty much just dive right in. Literally.

Within seconds of camera rolling, Joanna's got her head nestled squarely between Jenna's thighs, and Jenna is exclaiming, "You can't fix my fuckin' bike, but you can fix this!"

They soon switch positions, and Jenna starts working both of Joanna's holes with her tongue and fingers, before producing a red, tasseled dildo that she uses to execute a little of the ol' A2M.

Between takes, Jenna remarks to Joanna, "That was hot when you had your fingers in my ass and my pussy at the same time," referring to their first position.

They then jump back into action, Joanna now ramming Jenna's ass with a clear, glass dildo from behind.

When they finish, a sweaty, spent Joanna announces, "Well that was fun. I had some orgasms." She gives Jenna a few grateful kisses, and both proceed to get back into their regular, 2007 clothes and pack up for the night.

Look for Girls, Girls, Girls to hit the main stage from Burning Angel Entertainment/Pulse in late October.

Pictured (l. to r.): Jenna Haze, Gia Paloma, Joanna Angel, Scarlett Pain