On the Set: 'Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann'

WEST HILLS, Calif. - Lisa Ann is outside, in the backyard of a West Hills home, having a cigarette before her big scene for Zero Tolerance's newest POV feature, Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann. Just beyond her, an infinity pool gives the illusion of an edgeless cliff overlooking the San Fernando Valley below.

Inside the house, director Mike Quasar discusses the project, which has been in the works for nearly two years. "We're always trying to top ourselves," Quasar explains. Interactive Sex With Lisa Ann follows other successful Zero Tolerance interactive releases starring Bree Olson, Jenna Haze and Courtney Cummz. And the company didn't want to just re-release the same format with a new name.

"Viewers will be able to watch this one in two ways," Quasar continues. "You can either watch it in the traditional way, or you can watch it like you're coming to her house and you have a date with her."

And it's the "date" segment that's particularly interesting, especially today.

"This feature has the most interactive options," adds Quasar. "We're trying to set the bar on POV releases."

After viewers arrive at Lisa Ann's "house," they're posed with a number of options that include taking a limo ride with her, heading out on the town and eventually meeting up with Julia Ann for a POV three-way. And after spending the night, the viewer then has the option of going to work with Lisa Ann and spending the day at Lisa Ann's Talent Management as she interviews young porn hopefuls.

And that brings us to today's scene, when Ahryan Astyn, a starlet under contract with LA Direct, shows up at Lisa Ann's office intent to defect — a scenario guaranteed to draw the on-screen ire of LA Direct owner Derek Hay.

Lisa Ann finishes her cigarette and enters the house. She's dressed like a businesswoman —a ridiculously hot one — in a long skirt and heels.

"I thought it would be interesting on my agency day to have an LA Direct girl come over, then Derek and I would fight for her," Lisa Ann says, smiling. "And what better way than to have sex with your rival? In a competitive sex market, what else would you do to win the girl? Have a sex-off."

Hay arrives at the house dressed sharply, like a Los Angeles power broker and Lisa Ann greets him with a big hug.

"It's day four [of the shoot] and I'm still smiling," she tells him.

"Derek is always so well-dressed," notes Quasar.

"He's even like that on casual Friday," adds Lisa Ann.

Hay sits down to fill out paperwork and I note the rivalry being played up for the movie. But he doesn't quite see it the same way.

"Rivals? Hardly," he says. "We're actually partners in a dance agency, so I can hardly call her my rival." He's also quick to add, "She's done well on her own right. I don't begrudge her that success."

"So who's going to win today?" I ask as Lisa Ann approaches. Neither one answers. Hay continues filling out paperwork and Lisa Ann just looks at him with a devilish grin.

"Feel free to yell at me during the scene," Lisa Ann tells him.

Without looking up or missing a beat, Hay replies, "I will."

Soon after, Lisa Ann is conducting an interview with young blonde starlet Ahryan Astyn in the office, on camera, and running her through a round of probing questions that lead up to Astyn confessing that she is already signed to a contract with LA Direct.

"What brings you here, then?" Lisa Ann asks her.

"My agent intimidates me," Astyn replies. Hay, in fact, has the reputation of being a very tough and intimidating businessman.

"I'm always willing to stab another agent in the back," Lisa Ann says gleefully. Then Hay bursts into the office like a pit bull.

"How did you know I was here?" Astyn asks, fear in her eyes.

"He puts tracking devices in all of his girls' IUD's," Lisa Ann remarks, tongue in cheek, before an all-out verbal battle ensues. Lisa Ann eventually decides that there is only one way to settle this. She heads to what looks like a built-in cabinet, opens the doors and pulls out a Murphy bed from the wall.

"You need to release your pent-up anger," Lisa Ann tells him.

"You're going to take one for the team?" Hay asks.

"Yes I am."

"Then put your money where your mouth is," Hay tells her and over the course of the next half-hour, the threesome find a number of ways to work out their differences — most of which involve Lisa Ann sitting on Astyn's face while Hay pounds the young starlet.

Lisa Ann and Hay, meanwhile, continue their banter while smothering Astyn with genitalia.

"Did you have to fuck Adam Glasser to get Lighthouse Talent Agency," Hay ad-libs, referring to last December's merger between the two companies.

"And what do you think is next on my agenda?" Lisa Ann asks.

"I suspect you'll be fucking Mark Spiegler next."