On the Set: Illicit Behavior's 'World Class Wrecking Crew'

AVN's Mark Kernes reports from the set of World Class Wrecking Crew. Click here to see a trailer on AVN.com.

Miley Cyrus lookalike Miley Mae has done, by her reckoning, "at least 15 to 20 Miley parodies," but this day, she's about to have what is for her a new experience: taking on four guys at once. In other words, a gangbang.

But World Class Wrecking Crew is also the first shoot for a new imprint that Black Market Productions is inaugurating: Illicit Behavior.

"Illicit Behavior is a new brand, and this is along the lines of, it's a harder brand, and it's a general brand," explained director Nor's. "And although Black Market will be releasing the movies, we're trying to separate the two brands because Illicit Behavior isn't just an IR [interracial] thing or anything like that. That's what Black Market focuses on, and we don't want Illicit Behavior to be tied into any one genre.

"Today, we're doing a Miley Cyrus parody, called World Class Wrecking Crew, Volume 1, so we're going to wreck Miley Mae," he continued. "There are going to be two scenes. One is going to feature Miley Mae, and we haven't shot the other one yet, but they're both going to be four-on-one gangbangs. We have Evan Stone, Allan Stafford, Nick Manning and Dane Cross as the male talent, and of course Miley Mae. The plot is, Miley is working on her first album, and she's struggling with it. She's got a 'good girl' image and she doesn't know what to do. She can't think of anything. She has a mental block. She calls her manager; he says, 'Surprise me.' So the wrecking crew is here, working on the yard, and she needs help, so the wrecking crew puts it together for her, and they're responsible for her success. It's along the traditional lines of something you would have seen in the late ’90s to the mid-2000s, but it's more wrecking crew; that's the focus."

Actually, for at least the first part of the shoot, the focus is on icons—most notably the iconic 200-pound fiberglass wrecking ball that Miley swings on—an image that'll be familiar to anyone who's watched MTV over the past couple of years.

As the scene opens, Miley is on the phone with her manager, trying to explain her missed deadlines and general lack of inspiration, when, out the window, she notices the four guys fixing up the yard, and asks them to come inside to help inspire her—and do they ever!

First, of course, is a round of blowjobs around the wrecking ball, with Miley sucking one, maybe jerking off two more, while Evan, the remaining guy, sticks his dick in her pussy. Before long, however, he's down on the ground, and Miley's riding him sidesaddle while sucking and jerking the others.

The action soon moves to the couch where Miley mounts Nick and sucks and jerks the others before Alan switches places with Nick and fucks her in reverse cow. Dane wants Miley's ass, but since she doesn't do anal, he settles for doggie while she sucks Evan and Nick and jerks Alan—until Nick rolls her over for good ol' missionary. Eventually, Dane takes her spoon style, and Evan gets in a piledriver, but the truth is, there's so much action here that we could easily fill a page trying to describe all of it. Suffice to say that before it's over, everyone is satisfied—especially Miley.

"It was great; it felt great," she said later. "Honestly, I loved it."

Don't worry, sweetie; we believe you!

World Class Wrecking Crew is produced by Illicit Behavior and distributed by Black Market Entertainment. Call (818) 998-0961 or email [email protected] for more information.