On the Set: <i>Sunny Loves Matt</i>

STUDIO CITY, CALIF. – Even with the August heat soaring above 100 degrees, Vivid Girl Sunny Leone radiates star power and self-confidence. The movie she’s shooting at a secluded home off Mulholland Drive is a milestone: breaking her self-imposed girl-girl-only diet, she’s finally doing sex scenes with men. Or man.

Matt Erickson, the guy in question, is Sunny’s longtime (four years) fiancé and the only dick she’ll do on screen. She’s happy, he’s happy, and based on what we’re about to see, her fans are going to be ecstatic.

How does she look? Downright devastating. Her yellow bikini accentuates her deep tan, tousled black hair, dark eyes that can sparkle or smolder, and the dazzling smile that greets a guest from AVN.

Sunny and Matt actually had their first tryst, just the two of them, yesterday. We’re told it went off without a hitch. Today they’re into threeway action with their close friend, fellow Vivid exclusive Monique Alexander.

Monique is in the makeup chair. The amiable Matt, who says he does “a lot of business on the web side of things,” lounges on a couch with a laptop computer. Sunny is just about to shoot a commercial for an online porn retailer, with the picture’s director, B. Skow, behind the camera.

Sunny Loves Matt is not only her first movie with a new gender, it’s her first with a new rack. She’s sporting full, ripe, recently enhanced breasts, altogether natural looking.

“I love ’em,” she grins, pulling down her bra and bouncing them in her hands.

“350 ccs [of saline] in each boob. From a 34B to a 34C—one size up exactly.”

She agrees that they look really natural. The trick, she says, was that the doctor only filled half the bag with the solution. “That gives them a squishy, jiggly feeling.” She kneads them with her hands, provocatively.

The promo she’s shooting is just her talking to the camera, a situation in which she shines (her Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone won AVN’s Best Interactive Video for 2006). Glancing at a cheat sheet on the circular bed she’s stretched out on, she purrs, “Well, the wait is over to see this hot girl take a dick.”

She rolls smoothly through the pitch, touching herself erotically. “I’m about to get pounded by a big cock for the very first time. My pussy is dripping wet! I’m ready to get fucked!”

But not just yet.

First comes a round of pretty girl stills with Monique and then a tease sequence with both girls.

B. Skow—he pronounces it “beesco”—says that most of Sunny Loves Matt will be shot “very much from the guy’s point of view. You see the guy, but very little. Mostly just his dick. It gives you the feeling that you’re with the girl.”

There is a thread of a story line linking the sex scenes. It’s Sunny and her boyfriend at home. A girl shows up—Monique—it’s her gift to him.

As Monique poses for stills, Sunny relaxes in the pool house on the far side of the patio.

“I’ve been in this since I was 19,” she says. Now 26, the Indian-American beauty zoomed to fame when she was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003. She signed as a Vivid exclusive two years later, more or less filling the niche vacated by Janine of the star who only has sex with other girls.

After two years of doing it successfully, Sunny announced last May that she would finally break the ice and take dick on screen. Her fans, she says, have been clamoring for it ever since, via “tons of emails.” Her www.sunnyleone.com is one of the most popular of all porn star sites.

She’s very positive about her new career direction and this movie in particular. “Matt and I have really good chemistry. The same with Monique. We all know each other off camera.”

Sunny has a deal for four more movies with Vivid, all with boy-girl scenes, and an option to renew after that.

On this one, she says, she’s glad she got B. Skow as the director. She likes his sets and the way he gets along with talent. “He takes care of lighting, makeup. The angles and lighting are perfect. It might take a while, but when you look at the end product, you want it to look nice.”

It’s time to leave her alone with Matt and return to the main house, where B. Skow and his crew are finally getting ready for the sex scene.

After a bit, Sunny comes in from the pool house and whispers, with a smile, “We got wood.”

Matt, looking confident, takes up his position on the round bed, peering out at the patio through a glass sliding door.

The blazing sun has turned the patio surface into a virtual hotplate, and the crew must drench it with water so the girls can go barefoot.

They come out of the pool house and strip down to bikinis. Giggling, holding hands, they are every man’s fantasy of pretty, compliant females. They touch, kiss, dangle their feet in the water.

When they near the window, they press butt cheeks and boobs against the glass before joining Matt on the bed. He’s holding a video camera for pretend-POV, but the real Sony HD camera is in the hands of B. Skow, standing above him.

Matt is hard out of his pants. The scene begins with a double blowjob, the girls taking turns and looking into the “eyes” of the POV camera. Sunny does most of the sucking, and with Matt’s good-sized dick in her mouth, she is a wet dream come true.

It’s a combination of handjob and blowjob and Sunny obviously loves every bit of it. The way she licks, sucks, fondles and caresses the stiff penis, all the while gazing lovingly at its owner, is easy, natural—and extremely arousing.

This hot girl is finally doing what she was born to do on screen.

Vivid will release Sunny Loves Matt in March 2008.