On the Set: <i>Submitted for Your Approval</i> - Kylie completes first title for SlutWerkz

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - Kylie Ireland has finally completed Submitted for Your Approval, the long-promised first title for SlutWerkz, her company dedicated to super hardcore gonzo directed by female performers.

First envisioned over a year ago, when SlutWerkz was under the aegis of another distributor, the project has now moved ahead with distribution by SexZ Pictures.

Every scene in the movie involves kinky, hard-edged, envelope-pushing sex, often with the girl in restraints through most of the action.

"I like pushing the envelope, what can I say?" Ireland told AVN.

"And I'm not afraid at all. The girls I'm working with, they're just so excited to do this stuff. They think it's fabulous to be able to do something out of the ordinary and kinky. And they all do this stuff in their private lives too."

Today's scene, in a large, nondescript house in Woodland Hills, marks the halfway point of the five-scene shoot. It's the only sequence Ireland appears in herself.

The theme is bondage and domination. In the set-up, Ireland dresses Trinity Post in latex and handcuffs, dumps her in the trunk of her car, and delivers her to her "master," Mark Davis.

"Am I fucking you as much as her?" Davis asks Ireland.

Of course he is. "I'm not going to let this scene get away without me having sex," Ireland said.

Both will have their way with Trinity, who is small, slight, with red hair (though not as red as Kylie's), and ready to play.

"Trinity is fabulous," Ireland said. "You can pretty much do anything you want to her. She likes it."

Ireland and Davis have resumed doing sex together after an eight-year hiatus—the last time was in a Jim Holliday movie. Davis is in his sixteenth year in the business, and along the way he's become quite adept at BDSM.

While a photographer shoots pretty-girl stills, he and director Eli Cross, Ireland's partner who is shooting camera today, swap stories about kinky girls they've worked with, like Julie Night and Lorelei Lee, and their appetite for extreme sex.

"Unbelievable!" Davis exclaims about Lee, who it turns out was is in the first scene shot for Submitted. She's the recipient of a play piercing from Princess Donna that escalates to girl-girl action involving pissing and fisting.

The latter activities will seen only be in the "super-hardcore" XXXX version for European and VoD consumers.

The second scene shot was an exercise in humiliation featuring Kelly Wells, who gets berated, buttplugged and spanked, then submitted for sex to a particularly funky homeless man, played by Brian Surewood.

Today, the first order of business is trying out various buttplugs and dildos, to see if they fit Trinity's anal orifice. Kylie brings out two stainless steel plugs, one large, the other huge. Huge won't fit.

"Well, you are a little girl," Kylie laughs. Everyone is very cheerful.

Mark administers some of his acclaimed cunnilingual technique to Trinity to make her wet and receptive for what's to come.

Trinity, dressed in a red corset with a matching red buttplug, kneels on a cushion and is fastened to it, with clamps pinning down her wrists and ankles. Davis gently cleans her bare feet to make them camera-ready.

When action begins, the buttplug goes out of her anus and into her mouth as Davis whips her back and butt with a cat o' nine tails and the soles of her feet with a strap.

He drops his leather pants and forces her head onto his cock, balls deep, counting down from 10 before releasing. Kylie meanwhile is fingering her butthole.

The bulk of the scene involves anal sex with Trinity while she's restrained. About a third of the way through she is unclamped from the cushion.

"She was cramping," Ireland said afterwards, "so we took her off the pad. You can only stay on these things for so long."

Ireland, too, has anal sex with Davis, and while she's at it does some fisting on Trinity. Again, the fisting is for European and VoD consumption; it won't be in the domestic DVD.

The final two scenes in Submitted involve hospital hijinx. "Patient" Adrianna Nicole gets a piss enema from "nurse" Ariel X. "And then they have nasty, filthy girl-girl sex, doing d.p.s with toys," Ireland said. "A lot of peeing in that one. It'll be interesting to edit."

The other scene has a straitjacketed "mental patient" (newcomer Marsha Lord) getting roughed up by "orderlies" Alex Sanders and Evan Stone.

"They left her in the jacket for more than half the scene," Ireland said. "They finally took her out for the d.p. It's really hard to d.p. someone in a straitjacket."

The week after Ireland finished shooting Submitted, the second SlutWerkz release went before the camera with a first-time director, anal queen Katja Kassin.

"From what I can see it turned out great," Ireland said. "She hasn't titled it yet. It's so hard to think of a name for an anal movie. You think of something and type it in on rame.net, and bam, it's taken."

The movie will have a title by this fall, when it's slated as SlutWerkz' second release. Also by that time Ireland promises to have the SlutWerkz' VoD portal up and running.

Submitted for Your Approval will be shipped by SexZ Pictures in September.

Visit www.slutwerkz.com.