On the Set: <i>Submitted for Your Approval</i>

Kylie Ireland’s Submitted for Your Approval is the first title for SlutWerkz, her company dedicated to super hardcore gonzo directed by female performers.

Every scene involves kinky, envelope-pushing sex, often with the girl in restraints through most of the action. Today’s scene, in a large, nondescript house, is the only one in which Ireland appears herself.

The theme is bondage and domination. In the set-up, Ireland dresses Trinity Post in latex and handcuffs, dumps her in the trunk of her car, and delivers her to her “master,” Mark Davis.

Both will have their way with Trinity, who is small, slight, red-haired and ready to play.

“Trinity is fabulous,” Ireland said. “You can pretty much do anything you want to her. She likes it.”

The first order of business is determining which buttplugs and dildos will fit Trinity’s anal orifice. Kylie brings out two stainless steel plugs, one large, the other huge. Huge won’t do.

“Well, you are a little girl,” Kylie laughs.

Mark uses his acclaimed cunnilingual technique to make his submissive wet and receptive.

Trinity, in a red corset with a matching red buttplug, kneels on a cushion and is fastened to it, with clamps pinning down her wrists and ankles.

When action begins, the buttplug goes out of her anus and into her mouth as Davis whips her back and butt with a cat o’ nine tails and the soles of her feet with a strap.

He drops his leather pants and forces her head onto his cock, balls deep, counting down from 10 before releasing. Kylie meanwhile is fingering her butthole.

The bulk of the scene involves anal sex with Trinity. About a third of the way through, she is unclamped from the cushion. Ireland, too, has anal sex with Davis, and while she’s at it does some fisting on Trinity. The fisting will appear in the “super-hardcore” XXXX version available to European and VoD consumers; it won’t be in the domestic DVD.

SlutWerkz’ Submitted for Your Approval was released Sept. 25 through SexZ Pictures. The VoD portals at slutwerkz.com will be up and running by January 2008.

Pictured: Trinity Post.