On the Set: <i>Strap It On 6</i>

ENCINO, Calif. - Juan Cuba is so excited to be directing the newly off-contract Ashley Blue, he can hardly contain himself.

"It's really an honor to have you here. I've been a fan of yours since before I got in the business," he tells her while helping her buckle a strap-on around her waist for a scene opposite Heather Gables.

"I'm still nervous!" Cuba exclaims giddily. "I'm still star-struck!"

The setup has Cuba arriving for a private POV show between them involving Blue humiliating both her and him. And Blue wastes no time starting in on her two co-stars.

"You're such a fucking dirtbag," she spits at Cuba as she leads him into the living room where the show will be happening. Gables is there waiting on a sofa, already rubbing her mound.

"Don't get too excited for him," Blue advises her. "Be more demure. Do you know what that is?"

Blue's strap-on seems not to want to stay in place, and so Cuba finally tells her to forget about the harness and just use the dildo by hand.

She goes down on Gables while ramming her with the dildo, prompting Gables to moan, "Spit feels so good on my pussy."

"How about my ass on your face?" Blue retorts, immediately following in kind. "How does my ass smell?"

Later, Cuba feebly mumbles to the girls, "My wife doesn't do anything like this."

"Your wife is fat," Blue shoots back. "Your wife is lame. If your wife was anything, you wouldn't be here watching me degrade myself for money."

To close things out, Cuba gets a shot of his hand reaching into his front pocket for cash.

"Don't reach into your pocket," Blue orders him. "Just leave that by the door, and get out."

Ah, the honor of working with Ashley Blue.

Strap It On 6 is scheduled for release by Platinum X July 18.