On The Set: <i>Seasoned Players: Superstars</i>

GRANADA HILLS – Tom Byron's been around for a while; he knows everyone who's anyone ... and that's part of the reason why this disc is likely to be one of the hottest "veteran" titles to hit the market this year.

Consider: As of the lensing of the first scene – Tom with the enchanting Ginger Lynn – the stars who are scheduled to feel, er, field the Byron love muscle also include Kylie Ireland, Lisa Ann, Keisha and Amber Lynn.

Moreover, Tom's an accomplished interviewer, and if the hot sex weren't enough reason to see this feature, there are his conversations with the stars ... and the one with Ginger, a first-class talker in her own right, is a killer. For one thing, both of these performers have been around since the early '80s, and Tom was Ginger's first male partner ... although the pair spend a couple of minutes on camera trying to figure out which movie that scene was in. (Prime contenders are Club Ginger, The Ginger Effect and Project: Ginger.) But when Tom brings up the original New Wave Hookers, Ginger exclaims, "That's my favorite scene of all time! It was one of the first d.p.s that someone who was a real 'girl next door from the Mid-West' did."

"I was practically a virgin when I got into the business," Tom admits, which leads the couple into a discussion the "sexual learning curve" and why directors should just let actors do the scene and not try to direct them too heavily. "The scene isn't done until I cum," Ginger states emphatically.

As the scene itself opens, Ginger's in a doggie crouch as Tom licks her pussy, a position to which she returns after the b.j.. Then she climbs on top for cowgirl, but it isn't long before Tom pulls her to the edge of the bed and enters her ass missionarily. Anal spoon follows, which rolls into a reclining anal reverse cowgirl fuck, and for the finale, Tom's in her ass doggie style, ending in Ginger's first anal cream pie. Hot stuff – and a great kick-off for what should be a terrific volume.