On the Set: <i>Otto & Audrey Destroy the World</i>

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - Bobby Rinaldi has been looking for a way to put his Powerhouse Unimited line, an imprint of Wildlife Productions, on the XXX map, and his new production, Otto & Audrey Destroy the World, might just be the vehicle to do it.

"It's our big release of the year," he predicted. "It's something totally different than we've ever done before. It's real gonzo. This is a week in the life of Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander. It's the kind of stuff they do in their personal life, too, and the girls in the movie are girls that they get along with and they've worked with before and pretty much know the program of what's going to happen."

Anyone familiar with this couple knows what "the program" is as well. In the two scenes we saw, Selena Silver and Julie Night get just about everything but the kitchen sink shoved up their pussies and asses. Viewers won't believe how far Selena can take a baseball bat up her butt (even though Otto measures it right on camera), and when they're playing with Julie, she takes a 15-pound bronze dildo in her keyster, and Audrey gets a John Holmes-size dildo in her pussy and Otto's cock and the baseball bat in her ass!

Each scene is incredibly long, and Rinaldi is figuring that the debut volume of the series, lensed by cameraguys Skeeter Kerkove, Richard Montford and Coach, will run about three hours — but that's not all. The package will also include a 90-minute behind the scenes disk, plus a third disk with eight full scenes from other Powerhouse releases like High Teen Club, Here Cum the Brides and I'll Do Anything for You.

"So the consumer is getting almost another free movie," Rinaldi notes, "and we're not going to go out at a super-high price, so they won't be able to beat the value."


Otto & Audrey Destroy the World 1 is set to destroy previous Powerhouse/Wildlife sales records starting in June.