On The Set: <i>No Man's Land Asian Edition 6</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - A manga book image of three beautiful women comes to life in the final scene of No Man’s Land Asian Edition 6—the scene director David Aaron Clark is shooting today.

It’s his first movie for Ethnicity Films/Metro Interactive since Asia Noir 5: A Lust Extreme, winner of AVN’s Best Ethnic-Themed Release, Asian. It’s also the third in the No Man’s Land Asian he’s directed.

The illustration is by Michael Manning, an American erotic manga artist (www.thespidergarden.net). “He has a pretty large following,” Clark says, “with many volumes out, plus album covers, theatrical design, commercial animation. We’ve wanted to do something in porn together for a while.”

For this movie, Clark had him execute a prop manga titled Tengu Club with the images of the actresses as they appear in front of the heroine, played by Lana Croft. The site of the transformation is a luxurious mansion high in the hills above Porn Valley, where Clark’s crew is setting up lights in the spacious foyer.

The rest of the movie, subtitled “The Thousand Year Afternoon,” has already been shot. He says it’s “visually sophisticated” with “Lynchean moments.” As in the Andrew Blake classic House of Dreams, a girl wanders through a large, luxurious house, recalling sexual episodes from her past.

Croft, 22, has three scenes, one a solo, but her presence is felt throughout. “The whole movie is from my memory,” she says. At various points she sports large angel wings, which get torn off symbolically, leaving reddish scars on her back.

Born and raised in the Philippines, she came to the U.S. four years ago and has worked in porn for two years, on and off, in close to 100 titles. She performs with both men and women, doing anal “selectively.”

Now, in the foyer, it’s time for Michael Manning’s manga drawing to go live in the form of Jandi Lin, Ange Venus and Kitty.

The centerpiece of the trio, literally and otherwise, is Ange, a willowy Taiwanese with delicate features and long black hair reaching down past her ankles. Clark calls her “the antithesis of a porn girl,” and there is something almost otherworldly about her.

The sex positions in the first part of the scene are based on yoga positions she has come up with. Clark notes wryly that she must be the only woman who ever got to perform yoga in a Max Hardcore video.

Jandi Lin is a bubbly 22 year-old from Hawaii, “full Chinese,” with a sumptuous full back tattoo, who got into porn through an Asia Bootleg episode. She says she appreciates Clark’s artistic style and “depth of vision.”

Kitty is the veteran of the lot. After four years in porn she still looks like a diminutive high school girl but she is in fact a well-seasoned 22.

Shooting first camera is up and coming director Kevin Moore, another follower of the Asian muse, having just helmed Asian Fever 34 for Hustler Video.

Lana looks at the manga and watches awestruck as the Ange Venus figure dances out to meet her. Jandi, at the top of a grand staircase, begins to descend on hands and knees, held on a leash by Kitty. They move to Ange and lick her breasts.

Ange sets up the first of the yoga positions, which the girls are each to hold for about three minutes. In a “pretzel position,” she whips the girls with her floor-length hair as they eat each other’s pussies. Sticking one leg high in the air she masturbates herself while wrapping her hair around Jandi’s neck. By the third position, with Ange’s legs over her head, the girls are completely pretzelized yet enjoying each other with tongues, fingers and dildos.

Clark offers a stream of encouragements. “Great, girls, keep up the energy…  Now we’re cooking… Ham it up, that was great.”

Lana, playing with herself impatiently, says, “I can’t wait to do my scene!” Finally she gets her chance. Prettily positioned in the center of the marble foyer, her back bearing traces of her mutilated wings, she is surrounded by the other girls.

“I want you to do whatever gives you the best energy levels,” Clark tells them.

The girls caress Lana, who registers astonishment at their presence. She does some mild dirty-talking and pussy spanking and screams as the others cover her. Ange is finger-fucking her strongly and choking her with her hair. The others are wielding dildos. All of them are making lots of noise.

After several minutes of Clark has had enough and ready to shoot some softcore coverage. “The hardcore came to a great climax,” he says. “I don’t need anything more stuck in you.”

He adds what will surely be the consumers’ verdict as well: “You girls have been wonderful.”

The other girls in the cast are Lielani, Kina Kai and newcomer Kallysa Kye.

Metro will release No Man’s Land Asian Edition 6 January 4.