On the Set: <i>Love Hurts</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - The theme of Love Hurts, streeting June 26, from Bad Seed/Adam & Eve Pictures, is that love can be difficult, but it's worth it, according to director Heidi Joy Pike.

The five-scene vignette movie is only the second one helmed by the former AVN Associate Editor (her first was New Machine's Corrupted by Justine Joli), but on the set—a Valley house often used for porn shoots—she is assured and in control.

Love Hurts, she says, is all about "couples and their process. Make-up sex." They fight, they fuck, they make up, passionately.

The talent Pike's using is a mixture of races and ages: Lexi Love is Latina, Angel Eyes African-American. On the box cover, they bracket blonde Naomi Cruise.

Just wrapping up their scene are Tyla Winn and Jack Lawrence. They're going at it hard in one of the bedrooms—so hard, in fact, they don't seem to want to stop.

"Jack," Pike says, "is not usually rough, but Tyla brought out some interesting things." Those things must have got her off because she squirted for the first time ever, she said, on a set.

The movie has no script. Pike tells the actors the situation and what she wants to happen, and then she lets them go at it. "I do improv because it comes from real places," she says. "Everyone's had these fights."

Dick Logan, the man behind the camera, says, "Heidi gets different things out of the talent—the same people everyone uses—and it's because of the way she treats them. It's like catching flies with honey."

Pike is indeed sweet with the actors, full of praise and encouragement. "You are hot, girl!" she tells Savannah Stern, who's about to do a scene with Herschel Savage. Just out of makeup, she's wearing a jewel in her navel.

Pike presents her with a new Japanese vibrator for her masturbation scene, which will appear in the DVD extras. "Make yourself cum," Pike tells her. "Whatever you've got to do to get yourself off."

After not too long, Savannah achieves orgasm, collapsing when it's over.

For Pike this is not just a scene but a blueprint for the rest of the sequence. "I can tell from the solo what kind of sex she's going to like later. So I can give her partner some kind of road map."

Pike quizzes the 20-year-old about clit pressure. Does she like light stuff, hard stuff?

"I like being choked," Savannah says. "Pull my hair, but I have extensions, so don't pull really hard. Slapping's OK, but no spitting in my face—and nothing in my butt."

"What positions do you like?" Pike queries.

"You're so polite, asking all these questions," the veteran Savage remarks.

The director retorts: "It's so you can do your job, which is to get her off."

Pike lays out the situation for the actors. He is angry at her because he's heard she's been fucking around with another woman. "You're going to enter and say, 'What the fuck!'" she tells Savage.

"Draw on what you're experienced," she tells them.

As soon as the camera rolls the two start yelling at each other. Pike nods her head in approval—this is just what she wants.

"They argue like they've been married for 20 years," says cameraman Logan.

Savannah challenges Herschel to "satisfy my fucking pussy."

"You are such a whore," he snarls between mouthfuls of snatch.

They keep screaming stuff at each other as they fuck—from mish to reverse cowgirl—and the sex is explosive. Pike gives an enthusiastic thumbs up. No further direction needed—she's got what she wants.

Savage's punchline pretty much sums up the scene: "You break my heart, baby, but you're so fuckin' hot!"

Love Hurts can be ordered from adameve.com and other retailers.