On the Set: <i>Clothes Freaks</i>

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - Brianna Love is completely naked and sitting on the couch in Mark Ashley's living room. Sitting to her left, also sans clothing, is Victoria from the Czech Republic (aka Dillon Day's girlfriend). A couple of crew guys also sit close by listening as Love captivates everyone with stories of her newly gained freedom and busy schedule. Love is no longer a contract girl and her free agent status has brought her plenty of attention. And while she and Victoria await director Kevin Moore's go-ahead for their three-way with Mark Ashley, the final scene in Smash Pictures' Clothes Freaks, Love's star power seems to cast a glow over the whole room.

Love may not be the first Brianna that comes to mind when the name is mentioned but that will likely change in short order. Love's heart-shaped ass is on course for world domination.

"I came into the business doing girl/girl three years ago," Brianna explains. "I did that for a year-and-a-half but got bored with it after I realized that not many girls in this business like girls. I also wanted to work with penis under certain conditions, so I got under contract with Red Light District. Now I'm freelance, so I'm able to work with everybody - especially people that I am already friendly with. So it's very exciting and I'm busy all of the time."

One big project is a John Leslie movie she recently finished called Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self.

"John Leslie hasn't done a scripted feature in 10 years so it's a big deal," Love says with enthusiasm. "He worked on so many things at once – he played a character, wrote the script and he knew everybody's lines by heart.

"[The character I played in the movie] was very much like myself. I play a tomboy that can dress up sexy if she wants to. In the movie John works at a bar that I've had a fascination with since I was a young. I pick up guys at the bar, take them home and take advantage of them."

Right after shooting for Leslie, Love's next move was a part in Kaylani Lei's latest, Next, for Wicked Pictures. "I went from being a tomboy to a Valley girl where everything's funny and everything's cute," Love continues. "And yesterday, I fucked a guy in the ass with a strap-on for Joey Silvera's Strap Attack."

"Can a porn guy get laid around here?" Mark Ashley asks tongue-in-cheek as he walks into the living room. Everyone in the room laughs and Ashley lies down on a couch on the other side of the room. Love hops up, heads over to Ashley, straddles him and mock humps him with her back arched and her dangerous backside pointed to the sky.

Soon after, Moore approves the lighting on set and gives Ashley a couple bits of instruction before things get started. He wants to make good use of Love's healthy butt and asks Ashley to include some face sitting during the foreplay. "Also I have a moratorium on stroking to the pop," Moore adds.

"You want me to fuck to the pop?" Ashley asks and the two embark on a short discussion of how wasteful it is to stroke to the pop when there is a perfectly good pussy there.

Moore has spent the past five years working steadily as a photographer for John Leslie and Joey Silvera, as well as releasing his own titles through Pulse Distribution. "Recently I've wanted to get out from underneath that long shadow that both those men cast," Moore tells me just before the scene is about to begin. The opportunity came up when Moore's longtime friend, Smash Pictures Vice President Stuart Wall, mentioned that he was looking for a new director.

"Clothes Freaks is about people changing clothes while they're fucking," Moore explains. "Covering parts of the body keeps things interesting. There is something more desirable about someone when you can't see everything. It's not as in-your-face. I think subtlety is important."

As Love, still completely naked, walks towards the set, her perfect ass moving in step from side to side, it's apparent from the attention she draws that there is something quite desirable about her – with clothes or without.