On the Set: Hustler's 'Who's Nailin' Paylin?'

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – It's been all over the national news, and its star and director have been interviewed on TMZ.com, but is Hustler Video's election parody Who's Nailin' Paylin as good as its buzz?

In a word: YES.

For one thing, the choice of Lisa Ann for the lead role ("Serra Paylin") is perfect ... and the star herself agrees.

"I think it was a great opportunity to make light of something that's so ridiculous," Lisa Ann told AVN. "And as I told Hustler for their press release, I've never felt so maverick in my life."

Lisa, sporting the same style of hairdo and glasses as the real Sarah Palin, appears in three sex scenes and just about all the linking material in this send-up of the vice-presidential candidate's life, and subscribers to Hustler's website can see all of those scenes before the movie's release on Election Day, Nov. 4.

The first to be posted – today! – is "Serra's" encounter with a pair of Russian soldiers (Sascha and Mick Blue), who ring her doorbell, complaining that they've got a flat tire, and can they call the Kremlin?

"I'm sorry, I don't speak Russian," "Serra" replies. "What does 'Kremlin' mean?"

"Tow truck," Blue quickly replies.

But once all three are seated on the couch, it's clear that the guys have more in mind than using the phone, and within moments, Lisa's sucking both their cocks before Sascha bends her over for some side-saddle action, with Mick's cock still in her mouth. Mick takes her doggie style, pausing briefly to rim her ass; then she eases onto Sascha's cock in reverse cowgirl, switches over to Mick for regular cow; a bit more side-saddle and doggie, and the foreigners cum on her glasses – and we're sure we saw Lisa experience a couple of orgasms along the way.

We also observed Lisa in the movie's other big scene, where after delivering a speech at a press conference, she and Nina Hartley (as the Hillary Clinton surrogate) strip down for some girl/girl action in the press room. The gals are smooching away when who should enter but "Condi Rice" (Jada Fire), who agrees not to give away their little secret if they promise to suppress  the sex tape she's sure will surface shortly after the election ... and of course, she wants to join in on the muff-munching as well.

Jada and Nina get right down to licking Lisa's pussy and ass until Jada finds some convenient sex toys and begins to dildo Lisa's pussy, then Nina's ... while Nina is busy licking Lisa. The gals pleasure each other for a while; Nina then solos for a bit, and orgasms while playing with both gals' tits.

Another treat is Sindee Jennings as the young Serra Paylin, arguing about evolution with biology professor Evan Stone – but once class is over, Sindee gets in some extra credit by sucking Evan's cock as he licks her in 69. Sindee then swings around for a reverse cowgirl ride, rotates again fro regular cowgirl, bends over the lab table for doggie, gets plunged missionarily and takes his splooge right on her face. Anybody who's familiar with Sindee's work knows this'll be a killer scene in a movie filled with high-octane fucking and sucking.

"I love doing storyline features," said director Jerry T. during a break. "I don't get to do them much anymore, but give me a meaty script and I can go to town."

But as humorous as the dialog is, it's definitely Lisa Ann's acting talent and dead-on looks that hold this feature together. Word is, pre-orders for Who's Nailin' Paylin are already through the roof, and from what we've seen, nobody will be disappointed.

The first hardcore scene from Who's Nailin' Paylin is available now on Hustler.com.