On the Set: Ginger and Nina Get It On for Triangle Films

ENCINO, Calif. - "I'm just so nervous!" Ginger exclaims. "Feel my heart!"

Of course, any excuse to touch Ginger Lynn's chest is a good one ... but after all, we were here to work.

And besides, Ginger explains, she always gets nervous before her sex scenes, even after 25 years in the business - but today, she might have some additional reasons to tremble: Her partner would be the equally legendary Nina Hartley - and the two had been flirting with each other ever since they first met on Ten Little Maidens back in 1985.

"Ginger was the rising star," Nina recalls, "and I was just this new kid - I'd been in the business less than a year - and I was just in awe of her. We were in the orgy scene in that movie, but we didn't get to do anything together - we might have kissed once."

Indeed, the closest the two came to having any real interaction was in Ginger's second "comeback" movie for VCA, Veronica Hart's White Lightning in 2000 - which Ginger remembers somewhat differently than Nina.

"I think you were supposed to be my therapist, and just as we were supposed to start having sex, Keisha was supposed to walk in," Ginger reminds Nina during a break on the Triangle set. "But then things got changed around and I wound up doing a solo while you watched."

So the world can thank Lisa Ann (of Lisa Ann's Talent Management), who represents both gals, for putting the bug in Triangle Films director Kathy Annelle's ear that the pair might just want to get it on for her camera - and that as impossible as it might be to believe, this was the first time the two had made it together, whether on- or off-camera!

"We're very excited," says Shoosh, Annelle's executive producer. "This could turn out to be a feature on its own, since it's 25 years in the making, and if we can put it onto a disk with interviews, with some behind-the-scenes, it could be its own movie."

The day's scene casts Ginger as Nina's high school buddy, returning to town after 25 years for their class reunion, and in the opening, the pair sip coffee in Nina's dining room and chat (completely unscripted, although they're such professionals that no one will know that) about what became of mutual friends - and long-time acquaintances of both women will want to listen carefully, since the gals confide later that what they discuss are their actual acquaintances (first names only) and actual situations that they've experienced with them. (Who knew that Ginger's been engaged nine times in real life?)

But the fun really starts when Nina takes Ginger on a tour of the house, winding up in the guest bedroom - and before you know it, their lips are pressed together on the queen-sized bed, and while Nina changes into her body-stocking and knee-high stiletto boots, Ginger's "nervously" undressing, preparing for an actual "Clash of the Titans."

"We don't do softcore at Triangle films; we're in it for the hardcore," Annelle tells the eager blondes. "I want to create and capture magic, and I feel like the best way to do it is just to let my people have at each other."

Both Nina and Ginger are relieved to hear that, because they've come prepared: A massive strap-on, a couple of bottles of their favorite lube, and what appears to be a whole box of black latex gloves.

"You're cute when you're nervous," Nina says, breaking the ice a bit.

"Am I your first girl?" Ginger asks coyly.

"Yeah - this week," the buxom dominant replies.

Within moments, the ladies are locked horizontally in an embrace, lips together, already vying for who'll be the one on top. Then Ginger moves down to Nina's pussy, fucking it with her tongue, then letting Nina taste her own pussy on Ginger's lips.

"Gimme those panties!" Nina demands - and as soon as they're off, Nina's got her tongue on Ginger's labia, then stroking and plunging it with her black-gloved fingers - and suddenly Ginger screams!

"What are you doing!" Ginger exclaims. "I've never felt anything there before!"

"Your spot is at 4 or 5 o'clock," Nina responds cryptically. "Mine's at 8."

"Go to 2," Ginger demands, panting.

Of course, we could give you a play-by-play of the entire scene - the fingers simultaneously in each gal's ass and pussy; Ginger getting off by sliding her pussy back and forth on Nina's smoothly-shaven shin; Nina fucking Ginger missionarily with her huge red strap-on, then demanding, "Suck my dick, bitch!" - but we'd hate to ruin the many surprises to be found when viewers actually watch the scene.

"I like it everywhere," Ginger says at one point.

"I can tell," Nina responds.

"Why didn't we do this 25 years ago?" Ginger sighs, both in character and in reality.

"Because we didn't know our asses from a hole in the ground," Nina replies, equally truthfully.

"I knew my ass - everybody knew my ass," Ginger retorts playfully - leading both gals to crack up with laughter for about the fiftieth time.

"Our tag line at Triangle is, 'Created by a woman for women,' and we only shoot women who truly love other women," Annelle explains afterwards - but of course, she's wrong: Men will treasure this scene at least as much as women will  - and we can only hope this won't be the only time these true "legends of porn" share their lust with fans.