On the Set for 'Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus-Size'

When pundits talk about the younger generation receiving their sex education from porn, they’re usually not considering this to be a positive phenomenon. But after taking a look at the truly educational films produced by Wicked Pictures contract director/performer Jessica Drake, some of them might change their tune. Drake’s tackled a number of topics and subjects. But as it turns out, not every topic has been addressed.

To fill one of those gaps, Drake and award-winning BBW performer Kelly Shibari joined forces for Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size, the next installment in the award-winning series.

“As I was doing my research, I discovered that not only is there a lack of sex ed in that area, there is also not a lot of high-quality adult entertainment in the genre,” Drake said. “I hope that the plus-size community loves the project! My line is a hybrid of information and inspiration, and when you combine that with the amazing couples’ exercises in body confidence and communication, I really think it’s the whole package.”

Like other educational films, Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size features positions couples can use to expand their sexual repertoire, as well as instructional segments. The cast includes BBW performers Devlyn Red, Angel DeLuca and Scarlet LaVey, as well as non-performer couple Scarlette Cyn and JC Lewis and others.

In addition to hardcore scenes, there are segments on body worship and communication.

“My goal is to present to men and women—those who are both of size, or if only one is plus-sized—to consider a variety of ways to enjoy their bodies and their sexuality in a fun, confident, positive way,” Shibari told AVN. “From communication and body confidence exercises, to suggestions on sex positions that work well for people of size, the film will offer suggestions from which couples can develop their own sex-positive relationships. We tried to fit as much as possible in this film.”

Most of the film was shot in one day, with each couple doing interviews with Drake about everything from their favorite positions, to how they feel about their body, to what they admire most about their partner.

But that’s not to say the entire day revolved around interviews and nothing else. In fact, some extremely steamy sex scenes took place later in the day. In addition to Scarlette Cyn and JC Lewis engaging in body worship without sex, there are couplings of men and women and two women with a strap-on.

“The film is definitely not an end-all and be-all,” Shibari said. “There are people of size who are extremely athletic and flexible, including plus-size women who are absolute acrobats on stripper poles! The sex positions we offer in the film in no way means they are the only positions that work for plus-size couples. My hope is the film will inspire couples, particularly in cities that are not particularly sex-positive or sex-explorative, to consider new ways in which to connect and enjoy their sex lives.”

Both Drake and Shibari noted that until now, BBW performers were seen as a “niche” or “fetish,” but Shibari suggested that the tide seems to be turning and that BBW is now more of a preference.

“What I can say is that during my tenure in the adult industry, I’ve grown to become much more confident about my size, my sexuality, and my choices. It’s funny what social media and being in the public eye will do—it puts you out there for scrutiny and assumptive judgment,” Shibari said. “I think that sexuality shouldn’t be limited to men and women of one ‘ideal’ size—it’s not ideal for everyone, nor is everyone’s preference. The fact there are porn styles of all kinds—BBW, TS, gay, straight, black, Asian, Latino and more—means that all sorts of fantasy scenarios are available. After all, porn is for fantasy—men and women who are looking for inspiration and variety. Having a wide variety of porn available means there’s something for everyone. And for those who are not ‘into’ plus-size porn? There are lots of other types of porn out there to explore, to see what turns them on!”

“To the critics of plus-size performers, I say that our world is all about diversity,” Drake added. “Everyone deserves to have absolutely mind-blowing sex, regardless of their age, shape, color, size, or gender preference. There is beauty in everyone.”

Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size sets itself apart by not only being the first movie from a major adult studio to address the subject of plus-size sex, but also because it is the latest in a line that tries to blend education and eroticism.

“I think that there are people starting to have sex by learning about it not from parents or schools, but from online porn,” Drake said. “I don’t feel that it is the responsibility of porn to educate people via scenes and feature movies; but that being said, I think that we should have some sort of a disclaimer, some way to help the viewers understand that porn is a fantasy.

“To me, creating an educational product that is also sexy and inspiring is the middle ground,” she continued. “I’ve heard from many people how much they love learning from my line and then being inspired to practice the techniques they’ve learned. I have given seminars and workshops everywhere, and over time, I’ve seen what little or no sex ed growing up has done to people. I tend to teach people the things I wish I would have know at various times in my life.”

Shibari added that she had specific goals for this installment of the series as well.

“I truly hope this film will help men, women and couples of size become more confident in their sexuality, explore their amazing bodies, and communicate better as to their relationship and sexual desires,” she said. “My aim was to create a product for couples who may not be in size-positive or size-supportive communities, and I think this film is a great step in an overall global move toward size confidence.”

This article originally ran in the June 2014 issue of AVN magazine.