On the Set: Evan Stone's Kick Ass Debut

Valerie Hart stands alone in the kitchen of the Porn Valley home where director Glenn Baren will be shooting the latest volume of Chica Boom, Kick Ass Pictures' long-running Latina series.

Chica Boom helped kick start porn's Latin niche when it first arrived on the scene in 1999, and while Kick Ass has proven itself time and again a leader in the adult entertainment industry, today is the first time the company has hired three-time Best Actor and two-time Performer of the Year winner Evan Stone.

Hart, a Latina newcomer who has been in the business only a month, will be performing in her fourth hardcore scene today and she just finished meeting Stone who has gone to change into a suit for the scene. Stone is playing an American wrestler being wooed by Mexican wrestling promoter Hart for a south of the border contract. Prior to the scene, Hart is quiet and reserved — and not easily impressed.

"Guys always try to make me laugh on set," she mentions. Stone, however, is a natural born comedian. "But Evan doesn't have to try. He's so funny."

Stone returns in a suit and bowtie and starts brushing his teeth over the kitchen sink.

"Okay here are the rules," Stone, with a fresh set of sparkly whites, tells Hart. "No punching. No scratching. And no biting beneath the waist."

Shortly after, the set is lit, cameras are ready to roll and the only thing missing is the lube. Stone looks on the kitchen counter and holds up a jar of Skippy.

"How's this?" he asks.

"Oh no!" Hart laughs. "But you can use jelly. I like the way it tastes."

Stone replies, "I've used jelly before. It was a joke that went too far."

Nicki Hunter walks on set with a stylish, close-cropped jet-black hairdo. She's doing make-up today and touches up Hart's face just before the actors do their first take. When the cameras roll, Hart the promoter escorts Stone the pro wrestler into the living room where they take a seat on the couch to discuss the deal. Stone's wrestling ego takes over and he goes on about how lucky Mexico will be to have him. Hart has a short fuse for Stone's American ego and lets loose a fiery diatribe in Spanish that Stone doesn't understand — but which inspires his libido. Anger is spewn, contracts are torn and flung into the air and then lips lock.

"Cut!" Baren calls after the take. "That's perfect. That's exactly what I'm looking for."

"That was great," Stone tells Hart. "And I'm not just saying that because I'm trying to fuck you."

Everyone on set starts laughing and someone tells Stone, "That's why you're the only porn star to have been on 'South Park.'"

"You were on South Park?" Hart asks, clearly impressed.

"It was the Lord of the Rings episode," Stone notes. In the episode, the kids' Lord of the Rings video gets swapped with one of their parents' porno tapes, a fictional movie entitled Back Door Sluts 9.

The hardcore action soon begins and as Stone and Hart begin working their way through the positions, Stone imparts his porn wisdom to the far greener Hart, explaining to her why he positions them in certain ways ("to make sure the camera gets as much of you as possible") or how to use her hair to block his tool for the softcore footage. But the real challenge occurs during the first position.

"I can't get it in," Hart says after her first attempt to sit on top of Stone. They switch positions slightly and Hart finally gets in the tip, eventually working her way down a little more until the two performers lock into a rhythm full of grunting, groaning and plenty of dirty words.

"Ride that Andalusian!" Stone yells.

"Ride that evolution?" a crew member asks between positions.

"Andalusian," Stone explains. "It's a Spanish stallion."

Hart and Stone soon resume their rhythm and Hart continues to unleash more and more of her fiery newcomer enthusiasm. She even grabs the attention of Hunter who applauds and gives Hart kudos between takes.

"I've seen girls a year in the business who don't work the camera half as good as you," Hunter tells Hart.

Baren notes that her performance on camera is like night and day compared to her off-camera personality. "You seemed so tentative before the scene," Baren says, "but you're an animal."

It doesn't hurt that she gets a multi-award winner with whom to work.

"You have to win a couple Performer of the Year awards to just get a call from these guys," Stone muses.

Chica Boom 47 streets May 20.