On the Set: Brandy Aniston Gets Deviant in her Directorial Debut

This article originally ran in the July 2014 issue of AVN.

You know you're in for an interesting time of it when the set you walk into—a BDSM playground—features a dungeon or two, rooms decked out with jail cell bars, spanking benches, whipping posts, stretching rack, even a St. Andrews Cross. Then, when you add in the talent that'll be performing that day—Brandy Aniston (who's also directing), Maddy O'Reilly, Prince Yahshua and Barry Scott—you begin to realize that "interesting" doesn't even begin to describe what you're in for.

"My vision for this movie is just a complete and utter breakdown of the girls' sexuality," Brandy explained. "I want crazy, psychotic guys mixed with who you think are your very innocent girls, and then just get it out of them, fuck the shit out of them and get some really hardcore intense stuff. I have amazing sets that I'm working with, and it was so hard just to pick which sets I wanted to use, so I just have great talent in this movie and I'm really excited about what we're about to do."

Indeed; "hardcore intense" barely covers it, and Brandy Aniston Is Fucked (to be released under Metro’s new Deviant Entertainment studio) will give real BDSM aficionados who want to see their darkest desires acted out by a pair of skilled performers. Looking for romantic, lovey-dovey couplings? Steer clear of this one!

"When it comes to directors for Deviant, I'm going after girls that have A) paid their dues in the business, and B) have a twisted vision and an eye to shoot harder stuff and not waste our time with dialog or set-ups," said Deviant honcho A. Slayer. "It's just about actions and emotions, and that's kind of what these movies are—and because of that, it's not so misogynistic coming from a female director versus a male director for this type of really hard content."

The first scene we witness begins with Maddy, dressed in a black lace bodysuit, sitting in a spidery throne, until she's approached by Prince, who grabs her, pulls her hair and forces her mouth down onto his cock. Before long, Prince is tearing the lace from her tits and pussy and dragging her over to a bondage table where he throws her down and fucks her missionarily—until suddenly, he pulls her over his shoulders and the pair somersault onto the floor, still locked in hardcore embrace. Soon, Prince has the lithe brunette in a headlock, still tearing at her nearly destroyed bodysuit and again forcing his cock between her lips. The pair them move to a spanking bench, where he throws her down and begins to mount her doggie style, and eventually soaks her face with cum.

"Prince is one of the most amazing performers I've ever seen," assessed Brandy after the scene was complete, "and him and Maddy both are just incredible. She is so innocent and quiet until you throw a camera on her, and then she just turns into a star."

Brandy herself is the star of the second scene, and it begins with her scrunched up on her metal bed inside a jail cell. An obviously psychotic Barry approaches her and begins to lick her face and generally molest her before dragging her out of the cell and into another room where he straps her to a St. Andrews cross and continues his perverted fondling. It isn't long, however, before Barry loosens the restraints and pushes Brandy down on a low bench, where he continues to scratch and prod her, even wrapping his arms around her head so she's completely under his power. Sure, there's some mish and doggie fucking, but Barry manages to do it in the roughest way possible—and again, the climax is facial.

Brandy Aniston Is Fucked also features Chanel Preston and Alektra Blue. Click here to see more images from the production. The movie will be released by Deviant Entertainment in July.

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