On the Set: 'Bonnie Rotten Is Squirtwoman'

In an underground parking garage, an S&M play space has been repurposed into a studio for the climactic scene in Elegant Angel's reboot of the Squirtwoman series, "Bonnie Rotten is Squirtwoman.

The play space, partly concealed behind a translucent floor-to-ceiling curtain, has a sinister look, with blood-red walls and a black floor. A large throne sits on an elevated platform, flanked by two cages the size of phone booths. Against one wall is a padded X-shaped cross, and in front of it is a bondage bench that looks like a masked, corseted woman on all fours. On the other side of the curtain is a modest loft-style kitchen and eating area, where Rotten, director Toni Ribas, cameraman Chris Streams and lighting director Juan Cuba are planning the scene, which will be Rotten's "coronation" as Squirtwoman with a hooded and masked contingent of followers, followed by a three-way with Ribas and Ramon Nomar.

Rotten is the third performer to anchor the series, which originated with Cytherea in 2004 and continued with Jada Fire in 2006 before the series took a hiatus in 2008. "In the past year, I've honed my squirting skills," Rotten tells me between swigs from a water bottle. Squirtwoman gotta stay hydrated. "I had previously squirted a few times in my life. I had a boyfriend who could make me squirt buckets. Veronica Avluv said, 'It's easy—here's how you do it' and she showed me how to do it."

"I just walked her through it—I was squirting long before porn—and I taught her," Avluv said. "Once you get those muscles strong, if you're having fun and you're into it you can start squeezing and when you feel like you're on the verge of the orgasm, you bear down. After a while it starts to happen without you thinking about it. She was an apt learner."

As Rotten puts on her lipstick, she smiles and tells me, "I don't give these guys any rules; they just do what they will." As if on cue, Ribas comes up behind her and starts humping her. On his backstroke, I see that he's not fake-humping her. "I want you to moan like this: Uhhhhhhhh," Ribas instructs her. The impromptu rehearsal ends when she's called to the set.

Preparing to pose in front of the throne, Rotten dons a gold crown, gold shoes, a gold G-string and a black cape, which she quickly discovers is cut like bat wings. She waves her arms, grinning, as the six hooded and masked black-clad acolytes line up for the scene. Ribas arranges them in order of height and tells them how to enter—heads bowed, hands clasped in front of them—before ordering "everybody out of frame."

When the camera rolls, Rotten stands tall before the throne as the acolytes shuffle in and line up facing her, heads still bowed, as she struts and inspects them. The scene continues with starts and stops, so Ribas can break up the action with front-on shots of Rotten in front of the group and close-ups as she sizes them up. When the action resumes, she picks one and leads him to kneel before the throne, so she can finger herself to orgasm and cover him with Squirtwoman juice.

She pushes the acolyte to his knees, then ascends the platform and stands in front of the throne. Pushing the G-string aside, she starts to finger herself, one hand squeezing her tattooed breast as the other darts in and out of her shaven pussy, tickling her clit and then going back in. She moans and sways as the acolytes watch, heads no longer bowed, waiting for the climax of the scene.

Rotten's breathing becomes short, and her hips writhe as she gets ready for the orgasm she's been working up to. She gasps and moans, ready, ready, almost there not yet almost almost almost NOW and suddenly a long arc of fluid emerges from deep inside her, pulsing as it shoots over the head of the acolyte, landing on the floor behind him. After the first pulse, the arc gets smaller and hits the acolyte as he kneels, masked face up, receiving the gift from the Squirtwoman, drenching him in a shower of squirt.

Exhausted, Rotten sits back on the throne (carefully protected by a camera-invisible black plastic sheet) and gasps for air as director Ribas calls cut from behind his mask. There's a floor to clean up and a three-way to shoot (and more water to drink) before they wrap for the day.

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Pictured abve: 'Squirtwoman' star Bonnie Rotten and director Toni Ribas