On the Set: At Devil'€™s Film, '€˜Fornication 102'€™ Is in Session

PORN VALLEY—Sometimes David “Pussyman” Christopher feels his age.

“At this point, it’s just me and Joey left from the old days, right?” he observed, the “Joey” being actor/director Joey Silvera. “We’re the only kinky guys left.”

He’s right, of course; all of males who entered the adult industry in the 1970s have either died or retired, and even Christopher himself disappeared from hardcore moviemaking for half a decade.

Fornication 101 was the first movie I’d done in five years,” he stated. “I spent the time writing my book, and I was doing facesitting movies: Clean My Ass, Worship My Giant Black Ass—I put it out last year. I was called ‘Deviant David.’ ... It was simply femdom facesitting with no fucking. That’s my thing: I love pussy and ass, so that was like perfect for me.”

But now Christopher is back, doing the other thing he loves best: being the Pussyman. And he’s not above taking a few pages from his earlier career and updating them for today’s viewers, many of whom are nearly as crazy about pussy as Christopher himself.

“When I first started directing, I had the big Pussyman features with the gonzo and all the big stars, the hundred-thousand-dollar movies, and at the same time, I had that other series, Pussyman Auditions, which were cheaper, smaller,” he said. “We’d interview the girls, and if they were good enough and had great pussies and did good sex, I’d ask them questions, interview them, they’d do a strip, they’d fuck one of my helpers or their boyfriends. If I thought they were good enough, I’d put them in the movie. So what we’re doing is kind of redoing Pussyman Auditions again, modern style, throwing some tweets in and trying to make them a little more reality-based than I wanted then. I really wanted to make reality then but I didn’t have the equipment and everything else to make it totally reality. So that’s what this is.”

Indeed; from what we recall of the old Pussyman Auditions, the last of which were released in 1997, Christopher isn’t straying too far from that proven format. On tap for AVN’s day on the set were Ash Hollywood and Laela Pryce—“I really love blondes; don’t you?” Christopher asked—along with Ash’s real-life boyfriend Cody Skye and popular stud Barry Scott.

Things got rolling shortly after 11 a.m., with The Pussyman interviewing Ash on the patio, getting her to tell him what she likes to do sexually and, at his request, revealing her pert shaved pussy for him to poke and prod a bit before she turned over to reveal an equally attractive ass.

Satisfied that the young blonde is Pussyman material, the crew moves inside where Ash allows Cody to fasten his upper lips to her lower ones in several positions (including facesitting), before she turns around and unzips his pants for some 69. Orals out of the way, Cody positions himself behind Ash for doggie action, both cowgirl positions and mish, before he delivers his splooge directly on her clit.

The next scene opens with Barry Scott and Pussyman playing pool—until Christopher discovers that someone’s stolen his pool cue. That would be Laela Pryce, who decides to moisten the tip of it with her pussy juices before returning it to Christopher, who has her sit with her pussy hovering over one of the holes as he shoots a ball into the pocket waiting below. But Laela’s horny, and she’s barely satisfied by sucking on a large purple dildo, then easing it into her pussy.

Of course, it’s Barry who decides to get up close and personal with Laela’s ample tits and ass, first by getting her on all fours on the table and licking and fingering her slit like there’s no tomorrow, then having her suck him off as he kneels on the table before her.

Much as she likes his tongue and fingers in her, Laela’s ready for some cock, and Barry obliges by taking her spoon style on the pool table, but her screams of pleasure threaten to wake the whole neighborhood. Changing pace, Barry lets her sit on his face before she eases back to take his cock in her again, reverse cowgirl style, with doggie and lots more oral completing the scene.

Also scheduled to appear in this volume are top stars Riley Reid and Skin Diamond—and if their scenes are anything like the character of Ash’s and Laela’s, Fornication 102 promises to raise trouser tents all over the country.

Fornication 102 was released by Devil’s Film on February 17.