On the Set: 'Alektra-fied'

LOS ANGELES - Alektra Blue is standing on the top of floor of a three-tiered, downtown Los Angeles artist's studio. She has just gotten out of the make-up chair and is naked except for a pair of thigh-high, black platform boots that would make Gene Simmons proud. Her hair is teased high into a huge gothic nest, with white streaks frosted along the sides.

"I'm the bride of Frankenstein," she notes. Today is the fourth day of shooting Alektra's first starring vehicle under her new contract with Wicked Pictures. The movie, titled Alektra-fied, is a Brad Armstrong-directed vignette feature, and stars Alektra in every scene.

"Every scene in the movie has an electricity theme to it," Blue explains. In today's scene, she plays bride to Brad Armstrong's Dr. Frankenstein. "He's the doctor," Blue adds as Armstrong walks in with her rubber dress in hand.

Armstrong wears many hats for this feature, as he often does, directing and starring in Alektra-fied in addition to overseeing the wardrobe and art direction. As Armstrong helps Blue into her dress, she explains how her Wicked contract came to be.

"I hadn't been doing scenes for a while - except for the occasional scene with my husband [Pat Myne]" Blue says. But when she showed up to do a solo scene for a Jessica Drake movie, Fallen, she mentioned to Armstrong that she and Myne were thinking about working separately again. "Wait," Armstrong told her that day, "before you start doing dudes, let me talk to [Wicked Pictures owner] Steve Orenstein."

"Steve knew Alektra, and we were in the market for someone young and hip for our younger crowd," Armstrong explains. "She fit the bill. And plus," he notes with a smile, "I wanted to bang her."

In the gossip circles, the word is that in order to get a contract with Wicked, the girls first have to go through Armstrong.

"I promised her I wouldn't bang her in her first movie to dispel any rumors that you have to bang Brad for a contract," Armstrong continues. "But I couldn't stay away.

"It went from 'Not your first movie' to 'Not your first scene,'" Alektra says with a grin.

"I already have the reputation," says Armstrong, "so I might as well have fun with it."

But Armstrong is far from the only guy Blue has sex with in Alektra-fied who isn't her husband. "In this movie, I've done a boy/boy/girl - I've only done two of those in my entire career," says Blue. "I did a girl/girl anal. I did a boy/boy/girl/girl - which I haven't done in ages. And today [with Armstrong], I'm doing a boy/girl anal with someone other than my husband. So it's all stuff that I haven't done without my husband in a long time."

After Armstrong finishes fitting Blue into her wardrobe he sits into the make-up chair to get his hair frosted on the sides as well. When it's all said and done - donning a black trench coat, round spectacles and three-piece suit - he looks like he stepped right off the frame of a 1920's horror flick.

Two levels down, Armstrong's Frankenstein-style lab awaits, with a turn-of-the-century metal lab chair, bubbling beakers filled with red, blue, green and yellow liquids and various archaic looking pieces of dusty equipment with big knobs on their faces. Rubber tubes connect the array of equipment as lights flicker on and off like flashes of lightning in a Nikolas Tesla experiment.

Jessica Drake, on hand as an assistant director, cues the techno soundtrack as Blue lies back on the metal lab chair and begins performing a sultry tease. Cameraman Francois Clousot pushes in on Blue, panning slowly over every inch of her body.

"Is this okay?" Blue asks as she moves seductively off of the chair and grabs hold of the metal chains hanging from the ceiling.

"Wrap the chains around your wrist," Armstrong calls back. "Work it!"

Clousot does rapid, stylized zooms in and out as Blue binds herself in the chains. Eventually, she frees herself and saunters over to a big gray machine and leans back against it. The camera pushes in on her face as she gives the lens sensual looks - but something catches her eye and she glances at something off screen.]

"What's she doing?" asks Drake.

"There's a cockroach," Blue says as she stands back up, raises one of her huge platform boots and smashes it against the bug.

"Squash that bug!" Armstrong calls out in support.

"The cockroaches here are huge," Drake notes and holds her fingers about 2-3 inches apart.

"We put them to work off-loading gear from the trucks," Armstrong quips as Blue resumes her tease.

After about 15 minutes of tease, Armstrong hands over the control of the flickering light switch to Drake and heads on set to consummate Blue's contract.