On the Set: Airerose Entertainment's 'Young Sex Freaks'

This article originally ran in the July 2014 issue of AVN magazine.

New high-end gonzo studio airerose entertainment continues to move forward with an aggressive shooting schedule. This time, the company has set actor/director Barrett Blade loose on a bevy of young lovelies and studs and let them screw their brains out with a minimum of story involvement.

“It’s not a parody at all,” Blade assured. “It’s more vignette. Each scene has its own individual story, though. We’re using some iconic scenes, which we don’t want to tell them [readers] what they are right now, but we expect they’ll figure it out. It’s all scenarios where young little vixens are in some way seducing or being seduced into being young sex freaks.”

Like for instance...?

“Some scenes start with schoolgirls tagging up the walls,” he said. “We’ve got a little bit of everything. In one scene, you’ve got your brother coming in, he’s over there washing some dishes; it was a late night there in the party house, and he looks out the back window and, ‘Ohmigod, I better go out there and see.’ He goes out there to take a look, and of course our little tart has come out here and set up shop, oiling herself pretty nicely—look at that! So he comes out there and, like, ‘What the fuck, you know?’ And she goes, ‘Your sister said I could stay over and tan,’ you know. And he’s irritated because she’s hot and he can’t figure out a way to talk to her. So when he goes back inside, of course, he goes into the bathroom where he decides, ‘Ohmigod, yeah, let’s whack one out.’ Then she comes in looking for baby wipes and of course, she catches him in the bathroom jacking off, and he starts to scream, ‘Get the fuck out of here! What the fuck?’ And he comes out embarrassed and she’s lying on the bed naked and says, ‘You’ve been fantasizing about me!’ And she’s a young sex freak.”

The scene described above features Chloe Amour as the tanning gal and Clover as the secret masturbator—and when he comes out of the bathroom and sees Chloe lying naked on the bed, it’s all he can do to keep his hands off of her ... just when she wants him to put them on! She begins by sucking his extra-long pole, then lying back to let his tongue do its work on her clit. She then spreads wide for missionary action, and it almost seems as though his cock is too long for her to take. But she’s a trouper, and the scene progresses to cowgirl, doggie and spoon before she kneels down to take his splooge on her face.

The other scene features Zoey Monroe as a house/catsitter and Marco Banderas as the owner who, now that his pussy is in good hands, heads off to the airport. Zoey makes herself at home—so much so that she discovers Marco’s secret stash of porn. Just as she’s getting down to some heavy-duty clit rubbing, Marco discovers he’s forgotten his ticket, and returns to the house just as Zoey is rubbing herself furiously. Seeing what she assumes is a large cock within arm’s reach, she pulls down Marco’s pants and starts to suck him. He returns the favor, and the pair are soon going at it hot and heavy on the couch. Look for mish, doggie and reverse cowgirl—and a number of ecstatic expressions on Zoey’s face before the climax.

Also in the cast are Jessa Rhodes, Dakota Skye, Eric Masterson and Will Powers. Young Sex Freaks streets in July.