On the Set: Adam & Eve’s ‘Real College Girl: Belle Knox’

This article originally ran in the April 2014 issue of AVN magazine.

Say, anybody out there heard of Belle Knox? Anybody? Well, a couple months ago, the answer would have been no. Now she's the Duke University freshman (freshperson?) who's paying her $45,000-plus tuition (and another 12 grand in room, board and fees) by performing in XXX-rated movies and web scenes—and Adam & Eve, based in nearby Hillsborough, hired the lithe brunette to star in the first volume of a new series, Real College Girl: Belle Knox, directed by veteran Luc Wylder. And AVN was fortunate to be invited to cover the event!

"Adam & Eve flipped over the fact that she's from Duke because they're 15 minutes away from her campus, and you know, they're a media machine, so they called me just last week and said, 'We want you to shoot this girl Belle Knox,'" Wylder explained. "Matrix Models represents her … and as soon as she hit the media, everyone wanted to shoot her. She was actually scheduled to go home tomorrow, so we were only going to be able to shoot two scenes. Today, we're shooting a boy/girl with Johnny Castle, and we're shooting her solo masturbation and her interviews as well for YouTube and what-not, but we enticed her to stay, so she's also shooting two scenes for us on Monday. One will be a boy/boy/girl and the other will be a girl/girl with Natasha White, who's also represented by Matrix Models. This will all be for the same movie; we're featuring her in the entire show doing four scenes for us and several interviews. We're interviewing her about her past, about what's going on with her now, presently with the media, and about her future goals: Where is she going to go with Duke education that she's creating? Is she going to move on and get post-graduate degrees? So we're excited. She's a beautiful girl, very ethnic, very Italian-looking, and she claims to be a nymphomaniac. Now, we haven't shot her first scenes yet, so I can't tell you whether or not she is, but she's very sweet and has been very cooperative so far."

Nymphomaniac? Well, let's ask her!

"I definitely think I am a sex addict," Knox admitted during her interview with Wylder, "and the porn industry has helped feed my addiction, but it hasn't at this point affected my life negatively. I really like it... I masturbate all the time, maybe four or five times a day. I think that once you get started, it's hard to stop."

Knox said that her parents are on board with her choice to do porn, dad a bit more so than mom, but as pretty much anyone who's read a newspaper recently knows, Knox's real problems have been with some of her classmates.

"My advice to other girls, particularly those who are entering the porn industry, is, don't make the mistake I did of not telling your friends and family and trying to keep it a secret," she said in response to one of Wylder's questions. "It's a very isolating experience when you aren't able to share a really big part of your life with your family and people you love. So my advice is just be open about what you're doing and it'll just make you so much happier."

Happier? How so?

"Well, I think that people have a perception of the porn industry as being this inherently degrading space for women," she replied, "and from what I've witnessed and from what I've experienced, that simply isn't the case. I think that porn, for me at least, is extremely liberating, and it's extremely empowering and it's given me a lot of financial independence as well as it's brought me a lot of joy."

Part of that "joy," as it turns out, is that Knox has a fairly well-defined kinky side, and making porn lets her take that out and play with it a bit.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I've always been very kinky," she confided. "I'm definitely a submissive. I distinctly remember when I was a little girl, playing house with my friends, I would ask my friends to like lock me in the dog cage, lock me in a dark closet, like basically torture me. So I've always had these very BDSM-esque impulses that I didn't really start exploring until I lost my virginity. I was 16 when I lost my virginity."

"I've done one kinky film, but I haven't done any others," she continued. "I want to get involved in kink because I think that when you enjoy a scene, when you truly enjoy something that you're doing, it shows on camera, so I think I could make a really great scene if I did a rough sex scene... The wildest sexual experience I ever had was, I went on a date with this guy, and I knew he was kinky and I knew he was really into BDSM, but when we got to his house, he left for a second to go into his room, and when he came back out, he had a leash and a collar, and then he leashed and collared me and then tied me up to the ceiling and whipped me, and it was really hot."

Knox is not only kinky, she's also bi.

"I was about eight years old when I kind of started realizing that I would just stare at the girls in my class because I thought they were really beautiful," Knox revealed. "It wasn't until I was really 12 that I kind of realized that I liked girls, but I grew up Catholic so I always thought that being gay was wrong, so I didn't want to admit to myself that I liked girls. But I didn't start exploring women and sexual relationships with women until I was about 17, and I had my first, I guess—I'd always had lesbian experiences throughout high school, just making out with girls at parties, but the first time I had sex with a girl, I was 17 and she was just this really gorgeous curvy Latina, and after that point, I just kind of set myself free, and I haven't had any relationships with girls, but I've had a lot of sexual encounters with them. What I like most about women is that they actually communicate, and what I like in a woman is a woman who is loyal, sweet, intelligent, ambitious but at the same time is incredibly wild and sexual, so what turns me on most about women is when they're loyal to me, if that makes any sense."

There's lots more to Knox's story, which fans can learn by watching the YouTube clips that will be posted, and of course the entire interview will be an extra on the Real College Girl DVD—so let's get to the sex, eh?

Wylder first had Knox sit in a comfy chair in the corner of the room and select the toy she'd like to use to get herself off. Fortunately, his collection of toys included a Magic Wand, and between that vibrator and Knox's fingers, she appeared to achieve several orgasms over the course of about a 20-minute solo scene.

Then it was time to introduce Johnny Castle to the mix, and the two got to know each other a bit on the bed while Wylder did a short interview with them about the upcoming scene—and then it was time for some action!

"I really like dirty talk," Knox had said earlier. "I really like my hair pulled and having a guy whisper in my ear that I'm like a dirty slut. I just like being fucked really hard and really fast. I like being pounded."

Though Castle hadn't heard that part of the interview, he managed to take some of its sentiments to heart during the scene anyway. After the inevitable b.j. and pussy-licking, Castle had Knox mount him in cowgirl stance, and one could almost see the sense of power Knox got from that position, alternately pinning him with her arms, then lying back so viewers could get a good look at both her scorching hot bod and the intersection of the pair's pleasure centers.

Soon, though, Knox was on her hands and knees, and Castle quickly shoved his ample prick right into her pussy for some hot doggie pounding, until finally, the lovers tipped over into spoon position, where Castle held her tightly, even gripping her throat once or twice, as they rocked together toward orgasm, with Castle eventually spraying Knox's thigh with his spew. All in all, it was a hell of a scene—not as talky or hair-pull-y as Knox would have liked, but her own squeals throughout will clue viewers to the fact that she was enjoying herself intensely.

Wylder informed us later that two days after our set visit, Knox had a hot girl/girl scene with "a nice young girl," Natasha White, and the b/b/g threeway referred to earlier employed the services of Richie Black (formerly Cody Sky) and Will Powers.

"It was rather interesting, the progression of her from the innocent young 18-year-old college freshman to full-blown wanton submissive bang-me-harder Belle Knox with the two guys," Wylder reported. "She had talked about her fantasies, about how she likes it rough, so we actually collared her and put a leash on her and two leather wrist cuffs and that changed her whole demeanor, so that last scene was actually quite hot and rather impressive how much she changed from the very beginning with the masturbation, to the last scene where she was just totally gone."

Real College Girl: Belle Knox from Adam & Eve Pictures will be released on May 6.