On the Set: Adam & Eve's <i>Tease</i>

LOS ANGELES - We're high atop the mountains overlooking Porn Valley and Paola Rey is on fire. Literally.
While Derrick Pierce is busy with his face in between her legs, Paola leans her head back, letting her flowing brunette locks brush against the candles resting on the table behind her. Instantly the mix of hair products and candle flame ignite into a crackling flash of orange-red fire.

Paola jumps up, throws her head forward, sending her mane up and over, extinguishing the small blaze through the air and leaving little more than a puff of smoke cascading briefly over her.

"Oh my god," Paola calmly exclaims. Her quick reaction has kept the singeing to a minimum. And after a quick trip to the make-up chair, Paola is back on set without any noticeable damage — as if nothing had happened.

Shortly after, the only sounds echoing through the hilltop mansion are Paola's howls as Pierce bangs her forcibly enough to make the house shake.

Paola's scene is just the warm-up, however, because the main event is Adam & Eve contract star Ava Rose. The movie is James Avalon's Tease and Ava is getting ready for a three-way with Faith Leon and Marco Banderas.

Shortly after Paola's scene ends, Paola is busy giving Banderas a big hug ("You didn't tell me it was Marco the Spanish guy!" the Brazilian ex-pat excitedly says) Ava Rose is coming down the staircase in little more than a bra and panties that seem to disappear into her healthy backside and James Avalon is explaining to me the premise of Tease.

"This is a lingerie, light fetish movie about beautiful women, changing lingerie, teasing and seducing guys," Avalon says. "Everything is visually erotic, from the first moment of each scene all the way through to the end. It's a nice gradual build to some hot sex. And we've had some hot sex."

Hot, perhaps, is an understatement considering the brief drama during Paola's scene.
Tease is a vignette-based title and it is the final movie of Ava's one-year contract with Adam & Eve.

"It's my first vignette movie since signing with Adam & Eve," Ava adds after sauntering over. "And I'm really looking forward to working with Faith and Marco."

Prior to signing with Adam & Eve, Ava had only been in the business for roughly six months, beginning in February of 2006. She made her way to Porn Valley from Alaska with a brief stop in Nevada where she worked at a sporting goods store and stripped on the weekends. It didn't take long for this gonzo newcomer to get noticed and become one of the fastest rising young stars in the business. In July 2006, Adam & Eve snatched her up and next month she will be re-signing with the company for another year.

"I do not want to go back to gonzo," Ava says. "I like living the contract life. I don't want to be over-shot."

When Ava talks about her career in porn, she does so humbly, almost as if she is surprised that anyone would be interested. But judging by the way her career has gone, there is more than a little interest.

"I never thought I would ever get into porn or stripping or anything like this," Ava says. "I always felt I was too shy. But once you reach this point you just go for it. And I've gotten a lot further than I expected."

"Ava is a lot of fun to work with," Avalon adds. "She is really good natured and laid back."
Banderas makes his way over to Avalon to show him the outfits he has brought to set. Avalon chooses the grey suit with the white shirt and I ask Banderas how many times he's popped today.

The last time I saw Banderas he was finishing up a marathon, five-scene, six-pop day.

"I did one scene already today," he tells me.

"That's it?"

Banderas heads upstairs to change into his suit and Ava adds, "Marco is insane. That guy can go and go and go again."

Soon, the lighting is rigged on set and Ava, Faith and Marco are all lying on the bed in the master bedroom getting ready for their scene. Avalon heads upstairs, walks into the bedroom and gives the performers one very important instruction.

"Okay," Avalon tells them, "nobody catch on fire."