On the Set: Going Downtown with Lady Gonzo

This article originally ran in the April issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

"4:45 is the good time for pictures," Mike Quasar says. We're at a downtown light-manufacturing building turned studio, waiting to take full advantage of Golden Hour as soon as the sun drops below the horizon within the hour.

"This line is called Lady Gonzo," Joanna Angel says, "It's for Adult Time [Gamma's specialty streaming service]. It's been exciting for me because I've been shooting a lot of it. Physically shooting with the camera. I reach in and I grab people, and I jerk guys off. We do it all at night, so it feels a little different. Downtowns. It's different from the fishnets-and-swimming pool stuff. Mike's shooting too; he is the good camera person."

"I'm in the fallback position," Quasar jumps in. "For when she gets distracted and she's pointing the camera at her feet while grabbing a penis. There's very little danger of me grabbing a penis. I'm the disinterested, jaded fossil on standby."

Angel has shot five episodes for the new line already. "I'm here to shoot 12 episodes for Lady Gonzo. They're 45-50 minutes. There's a lot of sex. Single scene. Urban hipster nighttime gonzo. It's been a lot of fun, we shoot random pickups in places downtown. Public areas."

"Almost getting arrested," Quasar prompts. What were you doing? "Shooting downtown."

The moment as the sun disappears below the horizon, everybody snaps into action. Angel and Angela White, in matching grey-and-black bodysuits, step outside the studio gate to the abandoned road outside. Quasar sets up strobes and starts shooting, the strobes complementing the flattering post-sunset backlight. Angel unsnaps her bodysuit, pulls it up, instant nude. "Yeah!" Look at that booty!" White says appreciatively, then follows suit. Quasar snaps off a flurry of stills—clothed, nude, solo, together. "Those look SO GOOD! You have No. Fucking. Idea," Angel says as Quasar snaps White solo. "Oh yeah!" White says appreciatively when she sees them. "Those are fucking hot!"


They shoot an establishing scene on a rooftop overlooking the downtown skyline, with Angel wielding the camera, asking White, "How are you?" and getting a matter-of-fact "Horny" as a response. "You're going to fuck me," White says. "I know that wasn't on the call sheet, but ..." and soon White is on her knees licking Angel's pussy as she tries to maintain focus.

Back in the studio, the g/g action escalates to b/g/g with the addition of Ramon Nomar. The sex will take place on a large square black leather hassock, five or six feet on a side, with hasps along the sides for bondage use. Camera in hand, Angel tells White and Nomar that she's going to reluctantly enter the scene. White is already sucking Nomar's cock, locked in eye contact with him. When White backs off, Angel starts in on Nomar. Maybe it's a performer-greeting thing. When Angel goes off to get a drink of water, Nomar and White kiss. With grabbing. White lies on the hassock, legs apart, and Nomar gets on top of her and she responds with a loud "Aaaaah." He then backs off and starts to eat White's pussy as Angel returns with a cheerful "Rehearsing?"

Angel leans on a camera stand, watching, as Nomar gets on top of White again. "We're faking," Nomar says. Angel takes charge, gets ready to shoot. "Here we go. Let's have sex"—then corrects herself: "Let's have some fun."

"Is this the cock you have for me?" White asks Angel. "There's a reason it's one of my favorite cocks." She pulls off his shirt, then jumps to him, wrapping her legs around his waist. "Put her down, Ramon," Angel says, and he does, nose-diving into her crotch. Angel goes in with her camera, saying "He's so awesome" as he pulls off his shoes and socks, tossing them aside. White emits a low, throaty "FUCK!" as Quasar shoots Angel shooting Nomar and White.

Nomar pulls off his pants, and when he stands up White follows, gobbling his cock as Angel shoots down at the action—then White moves over to eat Angel. "You have to put that camera down!" White says, trading her oral attentions back and forth between Angel and Nomar until Angel relinquishes the camera and White and Nomar team up to tongue Angel's pussy, gigging as she moans. Nomar wiggles his head as Angel howls, then he straightens up and starts pounding into her. The walls echo with her moans and White drops a boob into Angel's mouth, saying, "We can't hear you." White grabs a bottle of oil and squirts it on Angel, then Angel grabs the bottle and squirts it on White, while straddling Nomar as he thrusts up into her, groaning, "C'mon, c'mon , c'mon" until Angel squirts and then they both move to suck him. The leather cover of the hassock is covered with sweat and lube, and so are the performers. Water break.

The suggestion is made for the next part of the scene to be g/g, giving Nomar a breather before returning for the last part of the scene. "Since we're coming back, I think it would be cool to take it from Ramon tapping out for a second," Quasar says. "I think it would be funny."

The three take their positions on the slippery hassock. "Are we ready?" Quasar asks, raising the camera. "All right. I'm speeding. Somebody clap, or something." Angel claps her hands together.

"Okay, go."