Old Pueblo Distribution’s Class Is in Session

Brown lunch bags sit neatly in a row, ready for fan distribution, the student desks are in line, the apples polished, pencils sharpened. Arnold Stein, owner of two-year-old Old Pueblo Distribution, was ready to learn Expo participants some porn bright and early Thursday morning.

“We’re really trying to build the brand up, push the school theme. I went way overboard,” he added sheepishly.

Old Pueblo’s catalog was designed to like a yearbook and does, "except the percentage of hot girls is noticeably elevated and many of them are topless. Catalog/yearbooks and order forms are stored in several metal lockers and education hardcore interracial porn played on a TV screen above several real school desks. Stein’s porno school room is promoting Platinum Sun Productions’ title Back to School as well as HGF’s Girl in a Box, Mike South’s Southern Bukkake, On the Flop’s Couples Fantasies, ODP’s Fig Newton Unwrapped, Rebecca Hilton's Not So Simple Porn Life # 2 and 3 to name just a few.

Performers Lisa Sparxxx, Aimee Sweet, Jelena Jensen, Raven Black and Jen Stefani will be signing fans’ hall passes and detention slips, Stein said, as well as teaching little classes like “how to take a big black cock.”

Stein himself will be hosting a “meet and greet” informational gathering for aspiring producers as well at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

“We’re having a lot of fun with it,” he enthused.