OhMobile Adds M Squared Productions

OhMobile and M Squared Productions have announced a deal in which OhMobile will distribute M Squared’s sites on the mobile platform. Pictures and video from all four of M Squared’s sites – Mask TV, Meet My Secretary, Maidens of Mask TV, and Troy’s Top Tips – will be available.

“This is an exciting time for both OhMobile and M Squared Productions,” says M Squared’s chief operating officer, Allen Ingram. “We see OhMobile as the leader in mobile content delivery and are looking forward to seeing our content do well in this fast-emerging sector.”

Jason, president of OhMobile, adds, “I’ve known Allen for a long time, and we are aligned in vision and what opportunities we see. Therefore, I’m glad to have M Squared aboard OhMobile. M Squared’s sites add a fresh new niche of content to the Oh lineup. We look forward to promoting them worldwide.”