OGV's 'New Cherry Poppers' Goes to Blu-ray

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Odyssey Group Video will release its first Blu-ray disc, The New Cherry Poppers: Anal Surprise, on Wednesday, Sept. 3.

"This is a great disc," said OGV rep Bob East. "The authoring guys went all out. We have fully interactive pop-up menus so you can play the movie and check out the other features without interrupting your viewing. The same holds true for the photo gallery; look at the girls, change pictures when you want, and the interactive feature does not disrupt the soundtrack. And despite all this, we can offer it below the usual Blu-ray pricing!"

The Cherry Poppers line became a fan favorite in the '90s. OGV's new revival of the series continues the theme of fresh new faces, with the added twist of anal sex.

OGV offers both soft and hard cover art to suit customer needs.

"We didn't want there to be any question that this Blu-ray presentation was our best work ever, so we redesigned the cover," said East. "We also have reissued the original standard DVD at a new lower price, which is also available in a soft or hard version."

To order, call (800) 736-9681. Consumers can purchase online here, or at ogvondemand.com.