OGV Presents <i>The New Cherry Poppers</i>

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Following up its success with the all-new Shane and Friends, Odyssey Group Video has revived another popular line from the past. The company has set a Dec. 13 release date for The New Cherry Poppers - Anal Surprise.

“The market is so oversaturated with new product that we think it gives the consumer a sense of security to be able to find a line that they are familiar with such as Cherry Poppers," said an OGV spokesman. "Even a company like Vivid released Debbie Does Dallas…Again capitalizing on the popularity of the title.”

OGV's New Cherry Poppers puts a few twists on the series' classic formula. “As you can see, this first volume is all anal," the company rep continued. "We wanted to come back with fresh girls and a bankable theme.”

The New Cherry Poppers - Anal Surprise stars Aurora Snow, Angela Stone, Tabitha Lewis, Rebecca Linares, Annette Schwartz and Aaliyah Jolie. The movie begins shipping Dec. 6.

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