Nxt Levl Release New Speedy Sex Series, Quick Draw

Performer/director Mark Wood’s production company, Nxt Levl has the first entry in a new series streeting this week. Quick Draw is similar to a series he directed for Mark Wood Productions while with Legend, which was called Rapid Fire.

“What you see is what you get- ten full sex scenes packed into two hours and change,” Wood told AVN.com. “There’s no beating around the bush, just the ten choices for your selection. If you don’t like one, you only have to fast forward a little bit to get to the next one….Sometimes, you can sit through a scene but you are just ready for them to switch. I think the everyday porn viewer gets bored quickly. I mean, sometimes you can have a great twenty-five minute scene but other times, it’s just like ‘move it along’.”

“It’s not just a blowjob scene,” Wood added. “You see them suck, you see them fuck and if you don’t like that girl, you just move on to the next. I guarantee you will find something you like.”

The cast for the first Quick Draw includes Gia Paloma, Jasmine Lynn, Essy Moore, Devon Michaels, Kristal Summers, Vandalia, Meliah, Shy Love, Shauna, and Sarah Rose.

All Nxt Levl productions are available from JM Productions.