Nudity Goes Public Again in Latest 'Teasers' Volume

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—With four eyebrow-raising volumes of Extreme Public Adventures under their belts, the Teasers team is set to release their most daring installment yet. Volume five features fast-rising stunner, Brooklyn Lee, in a jaw-dropping slingshot bikini at a construction site on Hollywood Boulevard.

"We literally shut down construction," director Marc X Star said. "The foreman had to come out and yell for everyone to get back to work."  Moments later, Lee was stepping out of her bikini for a completely nude walk down the street.

"It ended up with Brooklyn sprinting back to the car—giggling all the way—as the crowd of spectators and stopped traffic grew," Star said.

To view the trailer, click here.  

Another traffic stopper was Ava Addams with her enormous set of all-natural breasts.

"It was rush hour, her top was way too small to cover what she’s got, and well…they just kept falling out," co-creator Ike Stain said. “It’s just another part of our two-man effort to beautify L.A.”

Completing the set is gorgeous blonde newcomer, Ash Hollywood, who found herself in some very compromising positions during the trademark Teasers cafe interview. (Let’s just say it involved a lap, a Hustler Toys Rocker Vibe wielded by Teasers front man, Chief Drinkalot, and pedestrians passing not an arm's length behind).

"Even I can't believe some of the shit we get away with," Star said. “Only in L.A. Only from Teasers.”

Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures 5, will be available on DVD July 5.