NTS Expands With Sizzle Chat, 900CCD Solution, and C-Tags

Audio-text company Network Telephone Services has announced three new products for audio-text companies.

900 CCD (900 Credit Card Debiting)offers more money, better conversions, longer hold times, and a material increase in the 900 CCD payout rate versus the old 900 telco payouts, according to the company. Now callers to an NTS 900 number can choose to be billed to their home phone numbers or on their credit cards. A 20- to 40-percent per-minute discount on product choices gives callers an incentive to bill their credit cards.

Sizzle Chat turbo-charges the virtual chat experience, marrying the low cost of virtual chat with multiple caller billing options and high-end adult content. Callers who want more than simply to be connected to local women now have an expanded menu. A touch of the star key instantly connects them to the main menu, where they can pick from the full suite of NTS’ adult options.

“Over the last few years, 900-number profitability has been in decline,” says John Maddox of NTS. “A number of companies have curtailed their [900-number] activity, gone out of business, or simply abandoned the product. We saw value in the annuity of previously and currently advertised 900 numbers, stayed the course, and have continued to invest in the systems and processes necessary to keep 900 numbers active as a valid marketing tool.”

C-Tags (Cell Phone Tags) are a no-cost marketing solution built into the NTS platform that allow clients to cross-promote new wireless products on their own series of 800 numbers. C-Tag commercials for wireless and cell phone products can be added to preambles, denial tags, and accept tags, providing targeted advertising to cell phone callers.

As a special incentive, customers who bring new or incremental traffic to NTS within the next 90 days will receive a traffic builder bonus package.