Now That Wicked's Got Asa, How Apropos That 'Asa Is Wicked'!

WEST HILLS, Calif.—There's little doubt that Asa Akira stole the night of the Sex Awards with her announcement that, after seven years in the business and over 350 titles under her belt, she was signing an exclusive performing contract with Wicked Pictures—and now, she's just completed her first movie with them, titled Asa Is Wicked.

"I mean, how appropriately titled, right?" the tiny Asian star joked. "I mean, I know I'm wicked, but now it's official. It's an all-sex movie. Brad Armstrong is directing it, and he gave me a lot of say into what I'm shooting, what kinds of scenes, what the scenarios are, who the boys will be, who the girls will be, so it's been a very fun experience so far."

Since Wicked is known for its storyline features, we wondered why Asa's debut was to be an all-sex production?

"Well, we had a big movie planned with her and Jessica, and because of scheduling and some other stuff, it didn't work out," Armstrong explained. "So Asa actually wanted her first movie to be an all-sex extravaganza, to kind of show 'Hey, just because I'm with Wicked doesn't mean I'm going to be any less of a performer,' and that's our goal with this one. She's in every scene, all six scenes, and we've got her usual A's and d.p.'s and all that hairiness going on, so it's basically an Asa vehicle to say, 'Hey, I'm here, and I'm Wicked."

Indeed; a brief glance at her filmography shows that Asa is close to being a "try anything once" kind of gal, so we wondered how she saw herself fitting into the Wicked family, with its reputation for creating believable characters in scenarios that don't lend themselves to the "balls to the wall" type of performances audiences are used to seeing from Asa.

"A lot of people have brought up, like, 'Oh, Wicked is way too softcore for you,' but for me, being in porn isn't about being so hardcore and extreme," she said. "Like, I've never done any of the big toy stuff or anything like that. I think people see me as a really passionate performer, which I will keep here, obviously, because that's how I have sex. I think a lot of people see me as almost like a circus act because I do it all, but I do it all because I like it all, and for me, it's just about being passionate, and I really like performing, so no matter where I go, I'll always be able to put on a good scene."

That was certainly the case last Thursday, as Asa portrayed yet another Asian masseuse giving a "happy rub" to Johnny Castle.

"I feel as though a massage therapist is something I can practically put on my résumé at this point, after six years of being Asian in porn," she sighed. "You can tell I'm Asian from all the massage scenes I've done. I've done so many that seriously, I could probably put it on my résumé, and if this doesn't work out, hey, I can just go be a masseuse! But I love doing the oil scenes. I feel so sexy. I use coconut oil rather than baby oil because it can get in my holes and I'm fine and it doesn't break me out too bad. I just feel so sexy when I'm drenched in oil—except today, my male talent had a better body than me, and he was tanner, so I had a little bit of envy. It was a lot of fun, a hot scene."

We can't argue that the scene was hot—and we're guessing that some of the neighbors in West Hills, where the scene was shot, have gotten that idea as well, considering the volume of the moans and screams Asa delivered as Johnny was pleasuring her.

The scene started out simply enough, with a kimono-clad Asa placing heated stones on Johnny's back to relieve his muscle aches—but things really started to get good when she began massaging him, her robe slipped open, and her nipples were rubbing up and down his back. Body contact quickly became more intimate, as she moved higher for a deep kiss, then rolled him over for some sloppy b.j. Johnny was quick to return the favor, pulling her to the edge of the massage table to lick up and down her labia, which elicited screams of joy.

The screaming got even louder when Johnny plunged her missionarily, then turned her over for doggie, but when the pair collapsed on their sides for some spoon, it wasn't her pussy that got the pounding; it was her ass—and despite Armstrong's occasional warnings, the sounds of impending orgasm just got louder and louder.

"It was my first scene shooting in over two months," Asa said, almost as explanation for the screams. "See, first there was the moratorium, and we all took a two- or three-week break because of that, and at that point, I already knew I was signing a contract with Wicked Pictures, so I figured, I'm going to go condom-only in about a month; why not just take a break and then not even take that risk anymore?"

Considering her history in adult, we asked how she expects that working entirely condomized will affect her, if at all.

"I don’t think it'll affect my scenes so much as it will affect my life," she replied. "I'm someone who—I eventually want to have a family. I am in a relationship, so these are the things that it affects. I've always felt safe on set; our testing system has worked, and I've always felt very, very safe. I'm more scared to go out in the real world, go to a bar and fuck a guy. To me, that's way scarier than fucking a guy on set. So yeah, while I'm having sex, I don't think it'll change the way I feel, but life in general, definitely, when I think about my future, and I'm getting older, I've been around for a while, I think about these things now. I mean, I'm 28; in porn years, that's like 80."

Yet somehow, we don't think an 80-year-old could have handled the scene Asa was to do later that evening: a threeway d.p. with Tommy Gunn and Eric Masterson.

Armstrong also had some thoughts on condoms in adult.

"I think a lot of people right now in the industry are second-guessing their philosophy on condoms—and if they're not, maybe they should be," he opined. "For the guys, there's a performance issue there, but for the girls, I can't quite figure out why they would be opposed to it, but some are. Very few girls, if you were talking a couple of abrasions or the reality of it all, I think it's a pretty easy coin toss, so I think it'll probably become a little more prevalent. I know a few companies that have started, if not becoming condom-mandatory, have become condom-optional. I know somebody was just shooting a scene at my house, and the girl said, 'Hey, can we?' and the director said, 'Yeah.' So I was just happy to facilitate the talks, and that's that."

Of course, Wicked's condom policy probably came in handy when two policemen showed up at the location, apparently curious about all the cars parked on the street and the grip truck in the driveway. But after examining Wicked's shooting permit, they exited, not to be seen again.

In any case, the Wicked contract isn't the only new thing in Asa's life.

"I wrote a book," she confided. "It's not officially announced yet, but it's coming out in May of 2014. I've been working on it for about a year and a half, and it's kind of like a memoir but it's not a tell-all or an autobiography. It's written in essay style, like David Sedaris, who I'm a huge fan of, and it's just like funny little stories, both from porn and just in my life in general."

She'll be doing an audiobook version of it as well.

"I also have a website,," she added. "I also have this new project, which is a podcast that I do. It comes out twice a week, DVDASA, and it's with my friend David Cho, who's a painter, and it stands for 'double vag, double anal, sensitive artist,' because he's a sensitive artist—well, we all are. But also because his name is David and mine is Asa, so it works out. It's on iTunes; it's called DVDASA, and there's also, and we're sometimes rated the number 1 health podcast on iTunes—sometimes, not all the time. Yeah, we're in the health category; so weird! We talk about sex a lot, and that's health. And I have a Fleshlight, too!"

Nothing like having all the bases covered!