North/Moorehead Hit The Streets With Maximum Thrust for New Sensations

Craven Moorehead has worked with Peter North for a number of years as his cameraman – but Maximum Thrust marks the first time Moorehead has worked with Peter North as a partner in their new company Peter North and Craven Moorehead Productions.

Some titles that Moorehead has helped North with include North Pole and Deep Throat This. 

Set in and around Southern California, North and Moorehead combined fast cars and even faster women for Maximum Thrust #1

“We wanted to put together a fun, new series that would appeal to a wide audience by showcasing the Southern California car-crazy youth culture ” said AVN Hall of Fame member Peter North. 

“We thought it would be cool to drive a bunch of amazing cars, and bang some hot chicks and just do our thing,” added Craven Moorehead who drove a 360 Modena Ferrari as well as an Acura NSX in this opening episode. 

August, Monica Mayhem, Faith, Krystal Steele and Shyla Stylez appear in the video, teaming up with Moorehead, Slim ShadyXXX, John West, and Peter North.

Maximum Thrust ships July 8th and will be on store shelves July 15th.  For more information check out and