Norlane Launches Mobile Platform in North America

Norlane, a European mobile adult content provider, has expanded its mobile adult content technology platform into the U.S. and Canada. The announcement was made today at the Internext Expo in Las Vegas.

Norlane enables adult content providers to expand their reach to the mobile phone market by launching a mobile video and multimedia portal under their own brand. The custom-branded portal can be launched within a couple weeks and is accessible across multiple North American carriers on more than 50 different types of mobile phones.

Viewers can then select the video or image they desire with just a few clicks on a custom-branded menu. Options are available to verify age and request a PIN number.

Norlane was founded in 2002 in Prague and is a privately held corporation that specializes in serving adult content to mobile phones. As part of its North American expansion, Norlane has established U.S. headquarters in Denver.

Its platform is currently operating in Europe and in parts of Asia.