Nomad Media Is Latest Web Company To Enter DVD/VOD Market

LOS ANGELES—Arizona-based Nomad Media has been offering adult fare on the web since 2005, when Nomad owners Buzz and Rachel Aziani began paying girls to masturbate on their flagship site In 2012, they expanded the company, adding to the mix, focusing on women who are into fitness and bodybuilding—and who again had no problem getting off solo and occasionally via boy/girl.

Growth has been constant since then, with the company inaugurating the websites GloryholeSecrets in 2014, GangbangCreampie in 2015, and PortaGloryHole in 2016.

"GangbangCreampie, that one's pretty self-explanatory: multi guys and creampies," explained Buzz Aziani. "And we do another one called GloryholeSecrets, which is an anonymous gloryhole; it's mainly blowjob/swallow. And the final one is called PortaGloryHole, and that one is two portapotties hooked together, and it's public blowjobs in a public gloryhole, basically. We send the portapotties out everywhere and the girls go in and the guys go in and it's anonymous as well, so the guys stick their dicks through the hole and get blowjobs in a Fry's parking lot or wherever."

Of course, having made new material weekly for so many websites for so many years meant that the Azianis had built up a wealth of XXX material—and fortunately for them, VIP Digital Media, a new division of VIP Services, and its ace salesman David Peskin were on hand to help the company better monetize its product.

"Taking this next step with our membership site network had been something we had considered for some time," the Azianis said in a joint statement. "We just hadn’t found what we felt was the right fit and vision for our content. David’s extensive sales experience and enthusiasm for our product, along with the entire team at VIP, made the decision easy for us. The future looks bright as we combine our efforts with VIP Digital Media, working together to build our brand."

Peskin, of course, is the well-known industry salesman, having worked for many years for Vivid Entertainment, Club Jenna and Teravision, getting their DVDs into stores—but now he's tackling one of the bigger challenges of his career.

"The deal encompasses Buzz and Rachel's six membership site network, which includes, and the first title we'll be releasing on DVD from that site is titled , Fuck 'Em, Fill 'Em and Feed 'Em, starring Anissa Kate and Sarah Vandella. That'll be released during the first week of February," Peskin detailed. "The second website,, our first title from there is called Rachele Vs Bashka: 39 Cumshots, which will also be released the first week of February. Then we have, and our first title from them will be Real Public Glory Holes, released the second week in February. These first three sites, the artwork for the DVDs is already fnished, and some of our key distributors love the artwork and are real excited to sell this product to their customers.

“We're finishing artwork on the fourth website, which is, and the first tile will be POV Wars 1. We're working on the artwork there,” Peskin continued. “And then is all created by Rachel Aziani, and it's funny because I actually found this site back in 2005 while was at Vivid, and I was a huge fan of this site for many years. The first title, Sybian Xxxtasy, will also be released in February, and the last website,, which features FBBs, female bodybuilders and fitness models, also overseen by Rachel Aziani, the DVD from there will be Aziani's Iron Girls, which will be also be released in February."

"We're probably going to do one DVD for each site per month," Buzz Aziani said. "We might do more; we've got a lot of content from Aziani and AzianiIron, and even GloryholeSecrets has 200 scenes, so that's quite a few DVDs. Most DVDs, what do they run? About 160 minutes? Most of our scenes probably average 45 minutes to an hour, just the action part of it on Gloryholes, so our launch is going to go out at two scenes per DVD on the extreme hardcore. Gloryhole Secrets, GangbandCreampie and PortaGloryhole will be two scenes per DVD plus behind-the-scenes, and we did some unique interviews. For the gangbang site, we take the girls out to a bar and we actually do our interview in a bar, so you get to know them a little bit, and there's no kids in the background—that's why we do it in a bar—and it's kind of unique because there's some public nudity, you know; they'll flash their boobs or we'll film up their skirt, and then from there, the interview part flows into our trip back to the studio, so we shoot like road head and the girls naked in the back seat of the car, so it lets us get to know their personalities. We try to get them laughing and just being goofy."

As for the web content, the Azianis believe in "shopping local" whenever they can.

"For the Gloryhole sites, everyone's amateur; the girls sometimes are professionals but the guys are amateurs," Buzz Aziani explained. "With the gangbang sites, the girls are usually newbies, new girls just getting into the business, and we get some seasoned ones, some MILFs too, so it varies, but all the guys for the gangbang site only shoot for the gangbang site, but they're regular guys. We have a baseball player, a real estate agent, a nurse—the way it works is, we start them out in the gloryhole. If they succeed in slipping their dick through the hole, then we see if they want to go do a gangbang, so we test them there, and if they perform, then we kind of promote them to the gangbang sites, and we call those guys the cocksmen.

"The main reason I use regular guys or amateur guys is, we don't do any staged pop shots," he added. "There's no time in-between where they can kind of jerk off and then go. The pop shots are all natural. It's uncut."

And as for the women?

"The crazy thing is, all the girls seem to dig the public nudity," Aziani observed. "We try to tailor each scene off the girl's personality, so it's not like, 'Okay, this is what we're going to do.' We do similar things every week, but we still base it off of—you know, some girls are crazier, more exhibitionist and some are more reserved, so we kind of let it flow from there. The scene is always very similar, with the multiple guys and the creampies, but the personality comes in at the beginning with the interviews, and at the end with the behind-the-scenes stuff."

But DVDs are only one part of the deal.

"VIP Digital Media, which is a new distribution company, has secured a distribution deal with Nomad Media, Inc., to offer for the first time Nomad's 100 percent exclusive content on DVD, VOD, broadcast and licensing," Peskin added. "It's a one-of-a-kind arrangement, plus it's a salesman's and brick-and-mortar and online retailer's dream come true to offer this product to their customers."

One of the reasons the Azianis are happy with the arrangement is because of Buzz's own long history in retail sales.

"When I got in the business in 1999, I sold VHS," Buzz stated. "Then we moved to DVD, and the internet came along and took all of it away, it seems like, so Rachel and I decided that we were going to stick with the internet. But then, after looking around, I saw that DVDs still sell, and the really crazy thing is, the hipster group, they're starting to buy albums again; they want vinyl. These people like tangible things. Now, I'm pretty much an internet guy, so I forget that people actually like to have a collection that they can actually physically hold. So that's one of the things that sold me on this deal. Dave and [VIP Services CEO] Lynton, they're great guys; they explained a lot to me, so they were very helpful."

VIP Digital Media, a division of VIP Services, one of the largest U.S. distributors with a 20-year track record, will have a presence at AVN's VIBE program, and while there, Peskin hopes to interest companies that are licensing movies for broadcast, both foreign and domestic, to "get in touch with me immediately as we're just starting to secure deals."

Peskin can be contacted by email at [email protected] and by phone at (818) 709-8200.