No Boundaries Says Its Contract Director Paloma Intends to Sign with Extreme

No Boundaries Entertainment is alleging that Gia Paloma is not fulfilling an oral contract she entered into with the start-up company to exclusively direct for them.

But Paloma says she “absolutely” wants to fulfill her obligations to No Boundaries before signing a performing contract with Extreme Associates. She seemed to indicate, however, that she did not believe the oral contract with No Boundaries was necessarily legally binding.

“This is porn,” she told on Wednesday. “One day you have this. One day you have that.”

No Boundaries owner Corey Jordan said Paloma entered into a legally binding oral contract with his company last November to direct 12 volumes of a line called Gia Paloma’s Nasty Hard Sex and to appear in one scene per volume. Thus far, however, he said, she has helmed only one volume, which has not yet been released.

Jordan said that when he last spoke to Paloma about three weeks ago, she told him that she intended to sign with Extreme, which, as part of the deal, was going to pay to get her breasts augmented.

“I said, ‘That’s great Gia. But you’re under contract with me,’" Jordan said. "I don’t think she can really do that [sign with Extreme]. She still needs to fulfill her obligation with me. I even told her I’d let her out of her contract as long as she just does three more movies for me.” But, he said, since then, no progress has been made on shooting those three titles.

Jordan said his partners want to sue Paloma for breach of contract, “but I don’t want to do that. I’m trying to be nice. I like Gia.”

Paloma said she last shot for Jordan around Thanksgiving and that only when he recently learned that she intended to sign with Extreme, did he start complaining that she was reneging on her contract.

“Suddenly, now that it’s a contract, it’s like ‘Now you have to do this and this for me,’” she said. “I’d like to finish up my thing with Corey, but he just needs to meet me halfway.”

“He’s just being a little bit childish running around to everybody else rather than just coming to me,” she added.

But Jordan said that Paloma had been avoiding him. She denied receiving any messages from him since they last spoke three weeks ago.

Extreme owner Rob Black confirmed that he’s interested in signing Paloma, though he stressed he would not do so until her situation with No Boundaries is resolved.

“I wouldn’t do any paper work whatsoever until that matter is cleared up,” Black said.

Paloma entered the adult industry in 2003 and quickly established a reputation as an extremely nasty, no-holes-barred performer. She has since appeared in more than 130 titles and was nominated last year by AVN for Best New Starlet.