NinnWorx_SR Launches <i>The Four</i> Trailer Online

NORCO, Calif. - Ninn Worx_SR has made the full-length trailer for Michael Ninn's adult fantasy epic The Four available for download on the company's official website.

Currently in post-production, The Four is a hardcore take on the Hollywood movie 300 complete with CG effects, wire work and massive battle sequences. The trailer debuted at the 2008 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, screening at the Ninn Worx_SR booth while leading ladies Brea Bennett, Cassidey, Nikki Kane and Renee Perez posed in their original costumes from the movie.

"We should be on the street in late May with the actual finished product," said John Gray, CEO of Ninn Worx_SR. "What’s important for us is to be up for every potential award. I come from a different background, but I’ve watched my fair share of adult movies and I’ve never seen anything like this, period. It blows away what Guccione did with Caligula."

According to Gray, The Four is expected to cost "north of $400,000" due to extensive CG work and other hi-tech special effects. The trailer showcases these visuals without a hint of sex or nudity.

"Shooting the sex is the easy part of this project, given Michael’s ability," said Gray. "For the average person, shooting the sex Michael captures would be difficult, but we all know what Michael can do. The horses, spears, the music score, CG backgrounds, slow motion, wire work – that's the complicated aspect of the movie. It’s really about the big picture."

In the big picture, Gray believes The Four will pay off as a promotion for the Spearmint Rhino clubs and the Ninn Worx_SR contract girls. He noted that the merger between Ninn Worx and the lucrative gentlemen's club chain allowed the movie to produced on a scale that would be impossible for any other adult producer to achieve.

"Where a lot of companies are prohibited from doing something like this by cost vs. benefit analysis, we weren’t barred by that because we were looking for a product that would get our name out there," said Gray. "There's an intangible benefit beyond selling the DVD itself."


To view the trailer for The Four, click here.