Ninn Worx_SR Unveils <i>Minutes to Midnight</i>

NORCO, Calif. - Ninn Worx_SR (NWSR) contract star Jana Jordan steps through director Michael Ninn's hardcore looking glass into a surreal landscape of erotic adventures in the company’s latest movie, Minutes to Midnight.

“The NWSR crew set us up in this crazy weird old dilapidated hospital near down town Los Angeles for about three days,” said Jordan. “I trust them completely, but I couldn't figure out why they chose this place to shoot it. You know, you always think Ninn and you sort of see some exquisite mansion in the hills, not this haunted hospital backdrop. It turned out to be a great shoot. Once Karlie Montana and I started our scene, it was really hot with the fog and the old TV screens, and it started to make sense. I love the finished movie.”

Jordan stars alongside Carli Banks, Karlie Montana, Sarah O'Neill, Sarka Blue, Neeo, George and Herschel Savage.

“Some of the scenes for Minutes to Midnight were shot during my recent vacation in Europe,” said Ninn. “I had lunch with director Pierre Woodman, who suggested that I get Sarka Blue into the studio to shoot something while I was there. We also rounded up Sarah O'Neill, Neeo and George for a couple of scenes. When I got back to California, I was looking at what we shot in Europe, and realized that scenes that I'd shot with Jana before leaving L.A. meshed into these two stand alone scenes, making a surreal narrative out of two completely separate situations. It all came together in the editing room.”

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