Ninn Worx_SR Offers POP Displays

NORCO, Calif.- Ninn Worx_SR is offering point of purchase display stands to retailers and distributors with each new product order during November and December.

"We wanted to give our clients a great way to highlight the Ninn Worx SR titles this shopping season," said NWSR sales manager Tom Deniro. "In the past, I have had numerous requests for this type of display, and with the cooperation of the Spearmint Rhino Marketing Department, I can offer this type of retailer support for our products in the marketplace. Point of purchase displays provide an excellent way for retailers to increase their sales on our titles, without taking up additional shelf space."

The doublewide display stands hold 24 single-disc DVD boxes, or 12 double disc box sets. The laminated, high-gloss displays feature upscale NinnWorx_SR artwork.

Merchants and distributors can request display stands at the same time they submit their orders for Ninn Worx_SR releases. POP displays begin shipping with all orders placed after November 23, and will carry through the December order shipments, while supplies last.

For more information, email Tom Deniro at [email protected]