Ninn Worx_SR Casts <i>The Four</i>

NORCO, Calif. - Ninn Worx_SR has signed three new contract girls to star in The Four, director Michael Ninn's X-rated answer to the mainstream film 300. Set to perform leading roles in the fantasy-adventure epic are Brea Bennett, Nikki Kane and Renee Perez.

"I searched a long time to find the right women to portray 'The Four'," said Ninn. "Brea, Nikki and Renee each bring the perfect combination of sensual grace and raw power to the roles. It would have been impossible for this movie to convey my message about feminine strength and passion, without their presence. The fact that they all chose to sign with NWSR is even more of a dream for me."

Former Club Jenna girl Bennett, Kane and Perez join blonde beauty Jana Jordan in the studio's lineup of contract girls. Jordan will play a supporting role in The Four, which begins shooting this month for a projected May 2008 release.

Spearmint Rhino mogul and Ninn Worx_SR co-owner John Gray told AVN that he aims to match Hollywood production value in The Four - and that he has the bucks to back up his statement.

"It will be the follow up of where Sparta in the movie 300 left off, and the intent is for you not to realize it's not the same studio that shot that first movie," Gray said. "That's how serious we are about it, and I think Michael has the capability of doing it."

"One of the things I've always found in porn in general was that perception is very powerful in this industry," Gray continued. "There's an incalculable, intangible benefit of sweeping AVN awards and not being just another film company, but being a premiere film company in this industry, and we can afford to do a $250 or $300 thousand budget movie and not make a penny on it, kind of like Bob Guccione did with Caligula, and it has a certain inalienable benefit to us in a long shelf life.

"The Vegas [Spearmint Rhino] club alone does a million dollars a week in gross sales, so it's easy for us to get a return on the initial investment," Gray said. "We want to throw enough money at it to be able to do something very, very special. I will spend $25,000 on three minutes, because if it doesn't look and feel exactly like the 300 movie, I guarantee you it will never hit the street and I will scrap it. What I'm out for is mainstream quality production in the porn arena, and I haven't seen anybody in history ever do that. We're gonna do the exact same thing that a DreamWorks studio would do, and we've got the money to be able to throw at it. Michael's got such a good name that he's able to get mainstream people to do those types of effects that a small studio couldn't afford or couldn't get the people to do for fear of entering the porn arena. So that's kind of what The Four is all about."

Ninn is still searching for one more contract girl to complete his quartet. "I'm not going to stop searching until I find the last perfect fit for my four woman warriors," he laughed.

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AVN's Peter Warren contributed to this report.