Ninn, Gray Discuss Ninn Worx_SR Inc.

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Ninn Worx_SR Inc. co-owners Michael Ninn and John Gray told AVN they will draw upon their deep pool of resources to take full advantage of their new strategic partnership. The two announced last week that Ninn Worx Media, Inc. and Spearmint Rhino Companies Worldwide, Inc., have merged to form Ninn Worx_SR Inc.

"We're going to keep our aesthetics – that's why Spearmint Rhino contacted us," Ninn said. "So we're going to continue our aesthetics and continue in a way that no other adult company could ever approach with budget and what we can attract stars with – it's a whole new world."

Gray, the chairman and CEO of the Spearmint Rhino group, remarked, "I contacted Michael on a whim out of the blue, and we found out there was so much synergy – he's more art than business, and I'm more business than art, so we decided on a joint venture.

"... My plan is to unleash Michael and let him do what he does. We could drop $150,000 on a production, not sell a single piece and still have value in the advertising/publishing world."

Gray is married to popular adult star Dyanna Lauren, who will serve as the CEO of Ninn Worx_SR Inc., and be the face and spokesperson of the company that has plans to release 24 new adult titles annually in addition to doing aggressive promotions and advertising worldwide.

The Spearmint Rhino chain of upscale gentlemen's clubs benefits from combined annual sales approaching $200 million, with approximately 7,000 dancers performing all over the world. The company also retains several adult bookstore locations including the Spearmint Rhino Adult Superstore in City of Industry, Calif.

Among the company's resources are: in-house accounting executives and a legal team; a large IT staff which maintains in-house web services and programming; a graphic arts department; a construction and architectural design division; and a full film studio with state-of-the-art equipment headed by Carl Wachter, the longtime Penthouse staff photographer.

"We're moving to their facility, which is the most incredibly beautiful workspace that I have ever had the pleasure of working in," Ninn said, referring to the Norco, Calif., headquarters. "Everything is spotless and brand new and beautiful. The building is a work of art, so is the interior.

Ninn continued, "It's an incredible opportunity for me. The people at Spearmint Rhino are incredible in the fact that they make sure that the artist is comfortable in the environment. They totally understand creativity, especially John. He's a benefactor for an artist like myself. ... His whole approach is unlike anybody else that I know in our industry over the years."

The Spearmint Rhino annually spends millions on marketing and advertising, averaging over 50 billboards in California alone. Thus, the company indicated it is positioned to launch the career of the next adult superstar. Currently, Ninn is looking for up to four new contract girls.

The award-winning director's list of credits include Catherine, Neo Pornographia, Rapture, Sacred Sin, Fem Dolce, Exposed, Pop, Solo Erotica, In the Garden of Shadows, Porn Star, Euroglam, Dream Catcher, Latex and Shock, among several others. He has relocated his residence to Rancho Cucamonga to be close to the Norco offices. Ninn Worx is bringing its entire sales, accounting and warehouse staff to the facility as part of the move.

"This is the real deal," Ninn continued. "Everything else in this business, it's been how little can we put in and how much can we take out. This is how much can we give, how far can we take the fans? It's a totally different approach to our industry."

Gray added, "[Other directors and companies] didn't bring the respect that he has, or the creative ability. It's a perfect fit for us."

Lauren can be contacted at [email protected], while Gray can be contacted at [email protected] Ninn can be contacted [email protected].Visit and for more information about the companies.

Photo of Dyanna Lauren by Carl Wachter.

David Sullivan contributed to this story.